Jojoba Oil Health Benefits

Jojoba oil is made from the seeds of a plant which is known as Simmondsia Chinensis which grows in regions of the southwestern United States, northern Mexico, and some part of Africa.

After it’s processed into liquid wax it’s used in a lot of cosmetic products, such as sunscreens and moisturizing lotion.

Even though jojoba shouldn’t be consumed orally because of potential toxic effects, it has been used for dermatological benefits. It’s used topically for fighting acne and reducing skin inflammation.

Even though jojoba has a long history of use, very few scientific studies have shown it’s health effects. However, several preliminary research studies showed that jojoba may have certain health benefits. From the available studies, there are some key findings on jojoba.

1. Skin moisturizer

Jojoba oil is usually used as a skin moisturizer and it’s proved to he useful in keeping the production of sebum on the skin. Putting a mixture of olive oil and jojoba oil on your face can be helpful in maintaining your face moisturized for a full day. It is found to be valuable for both oily as well as dry skin.

2. Skin care

By using the jojoba oil skin care can be done in a much efficient and easier way. Applying a small amount of jojoba oil over your skin is useful in maintaining them soft and smooth. This is also good for prevention of skin troubles such as wrinkles. Also, jojoba oil can help you look younger and more attractive.

3. Hair care

Jojoba oil is also very good and valuable in hair care. Massaging your scalp with a small amount of jojoba oil can keep your hair healthy as well as glossy. Jojoba oil used as hair oil can have the advantage in reducing the problem with the loss of hair and it can be considered as a natural conditioner. In addition, jojoba oil is beneficial in solving the problem with dandruff.

4. Infections

It has been proved that jojoba oil has benefits in preventing a lot of bacterial as well as fungal infections. Jojoba oil can be very effective in killing the microbe and hence curing the infection efficiently and completely in case of bacterial or fungal infections. This is possible thanks to the antimicrobial properties of jojoba seeds which is one of the herb’s important benefits.

5. Acne

Using jojoba oil can effectively cure acne as well as acne scars. Also, jojoba oil can help in removing the problem of blemishes. By combining jojoba oil with other cleanser oils you can clean your skin more effectively and hence protect them from other skin infections. Since jojoba oil is very friendly towards our skin, it’s useful in removing make ups.

6. Eczema

This oil can heal several skin disorders and eczema is also included. Putting a layer of warm jojoba oil on the sun burnt skin is very useful in curing the problem. In addition, canker sores and warts can also be cured completely with this oil. This is considered one of the valuable benefits of jojoba oil.

7. Using jojoba for health

It’s important to remember that self-treating a condition and delaying or avoiding standard care might have very serious consequences. So, if you’re thinking about using jojoba oil for some health purpose then you should consult your doctor first.