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Long Story Short: Body Detox

Detoxification is about cleaning, nourishing and resting the body from the inside out.

By eliminating and removing toxins from your body and eating healthy nutrients you can renew your ability to maintain optimum health and protected from disease.

If you are feeling out of sync, sluggish, or struggling with digestive problems, aches, and pains, then you might need a body detoxification.

How Detoxification Works

Detoxification actually means cleaning the blood. The detoxification is done by cleaning impurities from the blood in the liver where all toxins are eliminated.

The elimination of toxins in the body can also be done through the intestines, lungs, kidneys, skin and lymph. But, when impurities aren’t adequately filtered in the body, it leads to system vulnerability and every cell is adversely affected.

Is It Time For Detoxification

Every person should detox their body at least once a year. However, children, patients with cancer, tuberculosis or chronic degenerative diseases and nursing mothers need to be caution.

It is good to consult your health care practitioner about whether detoxification is right for you. If you have unexplained fatigue, irritated skin, allergies, puffy eye, low-grade infections, menstrual problems or mental confusion then it’s time for you to detox your body.

How To Detox

Short-Term Detox

Eat fruits

A great way to detox your body without starving yourself is fruit. Besides health benefits, fruits can increase your energy, reduce the likelihood of stroke and help manage your weight. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to exceed 7 days in a row of a fruit-only diet.

Drink liquid

For two or three days drink nothing but liquids such as tea, water, vegetable juice and fruit juice. You can also restrict caloric intake with liquid diets which can help in weight loss.

Eat only vegetables and fruits for seven days

Vegetables and fruits contain the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients which are required for your body to stay healthy. Make sure that you are eating a diverse combination of fruits and vegetables to ensure that you will get the proper nutrients.

Long-Term Detox

Eat organically grown food

Organic produce is grown with natural pesticides and fertilizers and conventional produce is grown with synthetic insecticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic meat has less harmful growth hormones, medications, and antibiotics that are fed to animals on conventional farms.

Drink enough water

The essence to you health is water. Water has a lot of health benefits and it helps you maintain body’s fluid levels which help your kidneys flush out main toxins out of your body.

Cut out alcohol

Alcohol might be linked with certain types of cancer lie breast cancer in women. However, you don’t need to entirely cut it out but rather stuck to just one glass of beer or wine a night.

Avoid sugars

Excess consumption of sugar on a regular basis can cause your blood sugar levels to spike and it can put you at a bigger risk for diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers in the long run.


Find an achievable, balanced program which combines daily exercise and a healthy diet.