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Macrobiotic Diet Basics

A macrobiotic diet is one of the most amazing food plans for staying in shape. It is actually one of the oldest scientific food plans, first devised by Japanese doctor Sagen Ishizuka at the beginning of the 20th century.

It is based on the ancient oriental life philosophy of yin-yang. The balanced system of duality does not position opposites in contrast. Instead, yin yang is a complete circle, balancing the flow of light and darkness. The design that looks like a mirror complementary of the digits 69 written attached to each other renders the yin as the moon, and the yang as the sun.

Balancing your basic elements

The diet is very flexible, allowing all kinds of foods, with an objective of balancing the yin-yang elements according to your lifestyle. It is a remarkable diet because the purpose here is to achieve an ideal weight without only reducing it. So, an underweight woman can follow the macrobiotic diet to gain weight. You lose weight when you are overweight.

You retain your normal weight when you do not have to lose or gain weight! Neither do you have to discard the indulgence foods totally either! The occasional Margarita is totally allowed if you want it. The key of it is balancing, and there is actually no stringent diet plan to follow! You have a very flexible set of foods to eat and only a few foods that are not allowed.

Even then, you can still try the restricted foods, but in a way that it is balanced in the yin-yang perspective. Essentially, there are many kinds of macrobiotic recipes and everyone has to do her own research. It is unique and respects the individual lifestyle of an individual.

Moderation instead of restriction

The list of foods not to eat include alcohol, most milk products, refined sugar products, heavy spicy foods, white rice, white flour, and foods with preservatives (typically fast foods). Two of the most surprising entries in the NO foods include fruit juices and caffeine. However, you need to remember again that there are no explicit bans on these foods. You can still take a glass of fruit juice or a cup of coffee if you are balancing it in the yin-yang view of a balanced life.

Essentially, it all comes down to moderation and fine-tuning your menu as per your unique lifestyle. The diet classifies foods into three categories, primary foods, secondary foods, and pleasure foods. Whole grains and vegetables such as beans are the main foods. Seeds, nuts, oils, fish, fruits, and fruit juices are secondary foods. The pleasure foods can be anything that you enjoy but in a sense of moderation.

About processed foods

However, it is better to replace those fast food cravings with a wholesome tasty meal. Most fast foods are rich in chemicals and have little to nothing in nutritional value. They taste good and fill you up, but do not replenish you. In fact, they kind of damage your immune system and trashes toxins in your body. Pizza is a very good fast food of course! You can definitely splurge on an occasional pizza! Just order the small size one, and not the big one.