Pumpkin Seeds

Magical Power of Seeds

The concentration of useful substances in seeds is simply amazing. Sadly, only a few used them in the kitchen. After you read this article, you might start using them more. They are great as spices and additives to food.

1. Zinc from pumpkins protects the bones

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc which has a positive effect on prostate functions. On the other side, older males should consume foods rich in zinc because it has positive effects on bones. Even though osteoporosis is mostly related to women in post menopause, it also presents the risk for older males. One in eight men older than fifty will suffer from a bone fracture due to the osteoporosis. The study which included 400 men aging from 45 to 92 revealed the clear connection between low intake of zinc and osteoporosis. Beside the zinc(17.1% daily needs), a quarter cup of pumpkin seeds contains 46.1% of daily need of magnesium, 28.7% of iron, 52% of manganese, 24% of copper and 16.9% of protein.

Phytosterols are substances whose chemical structure is similar to cholesterol, and when they’re sufficiently present in the diet, they can reduce cholesterol levels, improve the immune system and lower the risk for certain types of cancer. High levels of phytosterols can be found in sunflower seeds (270-289mg/100g) and pumpkin seeds (265mg/100g). Sesame seeds are known to contain most phytosterols (400-413mg/100g) of all seeds.

2. Flax seeds lower blood pressure

Flax seeds lower cholesterol, protect from heart disease and lowers high blood pressure. Because of high concentration of dissolvable fibers, minced flax seeds can reduce constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticulum. Also, flax seeds lower the risk for breast cancer as well as colon cancer and prostate cancer.

3. Sunflower slows down aging

Sunflower seeds are the best source for vitamin E, antioxidants which are necessary for good health. According to USDA, 28g of sunflower seeds roasted on oil secure 76% of recommended the daily dose of vitamin E. It is considered that tocopherols, main elements of vitamin E, have the important role in preventing diseases related to aging like cancer and heart disease.

3. Snack on sesame seeds to clear your arteries

According to results of some recent studies, sesame protects the women over 50 in post menopause from heart disease. Roasted sesame is the popular part of traditional Asian cuisine. In Asian countries, it is considered that sesame slows down aging. Sesame and sesame oil are a great source of unsaturated fats, vitamin E, and phytosterols.

Also, one other recent study revealed that minced roasted sesame seeds lower cholesterol in postmenopausal women over 50. During the study, women consumed 50g (little more than 3 tablespoons) of minced sesame each day over five weeks. The result was 5% cholesterol reduction, increased level of vitamin E in blood, and slow oxidation of LDL cholesterol (the process which is related to atherosclerosis and blood clots). This result shows us that sesame can prevent heart disease in at least two ways.