Make Your Meals Healthier With These 6 Tips

Sometimes the final product is better if you don’t stick to the recipe. In this case, it will make your meals healthier. Here are few tips which you can use to make a healthy meal out of ordinary one.

1. Oats instead of breadcrumbs

To get the texture of breadcrumbs, grind oats until you get that grainy feel and use it for everything you used breadcrumbs before.

2. Citrus fruit instead of salt

If you use citrus fruit instead of salt, your meals will taste better and they won’t have any sodium. Make it a habit and cut up small pieces of lemon and serve them with chicken, fish, rice or vegetables.

3. Mashed avocado instead of butter

Mash avocado until you get the right texture and use it as a sauce or on a sandwich. It only contains 75 calories a spoon.

4. Whole wheat flour instead of white flour

Whole wheat flour is much healthier and it doesn’t taste much different. You can also use it for tasty treats.

Advices for restaurant meals

5. Croutons instead of bread

Stay away from bread in a restaurant and ask for croutons instead. Because they are so small, you’ll be able to keep count easily.

6. More vegetables, less of main ingredient

Instead of getting a lot of meat, make the vegetables dominate. It will make your meals lighter and healthier.