Organic Food Won’t Lower Your Cancer Risks

Organic food is the choice of many people who want to stay away from pesticides. A study from Oxford revealed that food has no effect on cancer. Experts also revealed that pesticides do not increase your cancer risks and that people who eat organic food actually had increased risk for breast cancer.

The statement that organic food does not help lower cancer risks comes from an experiment which included women who ate organic food for 9 years, in that period, type of food they consumed had no effect on their risk for cancer.

Many people consume organic food because they believe it’s better for them and their families, but also because they want to avoid pesticides, which supposedly increases the risk for cancer.

When it comes to breast cancer, it was concluded that people who ate organic food actually increased their risks.

This study included 600.000 women older than 50. They consumed organic food over nine months, while experts monitored their health.

Also, common belief that pesticides increase the risk for cancer was disproved. The number of pesticides they found in fruit and vegetables was insignificant.

Experts from Great Britain concluded that 9% of all cancer cases was connected with diet, from which 5% was related to peer intake of food and vegetables. So, if you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, no matter how it’s grown, you will lower your cancer risks.