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Paleo Diet – Detailed Eating Plan

Since we wrote about basics of Paleo diet, it is time to present detailed eating plan

Weight loss is guaranteed if you follow the eating plan of Paleo diet we’ll show you in this article. It is recommended that most of the meals consist of:

  • 110-220g of protein like chicken, fat-free beef, turkey, fat-free pork or seafood.
  • A variety of vegetables- fresh, or slightly boiled in water or on steam.
  • You should complete everything with healthy fats from avocado, olive oil, nuts like almond or walnuts either Indian or macadamia.

You should consume 3-4 of these meals daily for a month, after that measure yourself to find out how much fat you’ve lost without being hungry. Until you reach desired weight, it is recommended that you eat fruit two times a day, berries or melons. Don’t worry because of lack of fruit on your menu, you’ll get all the necessary nutrients from vegetables and you’ll reach your goal faster. Fruit intake is limited so the body can adjust metabolism for faster fat burning.

Paleo For Athletes

The need of each athlete depends on their physical activity. For example, someone who runs needs different nutrients than someone who’s boxing. However, all of them have something in common, better fuel for their bodies and faster recovery from the hard workout.

Paleo diet is great for both life segments of an athlete. Protein from low-fat meat like chicken, turkey, beef and seafood contain huge amounts of amino acids which are great for fast recovery after intensive workouts. That’s why each of their meals should contain 110-220g of these proteins.

The second part of adjustment depends on your sport. High intensive sports like football, boxing, wrestling which include sprinting (swimming, running, cycling), it is necessary to eat right after the workout. The meal which is made of 110-220g of protein, nutritious carbohydrates like sweet potato and pumpkin, should be consumed 30 minutes after the intensive workout so your body can recover as soon as possible. The number of carbohydrates depends on workout intensity. The harder workout is, the more carbs you need. Some athletes need two meals of carbs and protein to fully recover their muscles. For everybody else, the meals should consist of protein, a variety of vegetables, healthy fats and a small number of carbs. Just to remind you there is no grains, flour, and pasta in Paleo diet, you get all your carbs from fruits and vegetables.

For sprinters and athletes who need strength, meals should consist of proteins, a small number of carbs, a lot of vegetables and healthy fats. This type of athlete gets all the carbs from melons, sweet potato, and fruit. It should be consumed once or twice a week. This diet is low in carbs and it is very popular among football players, weight lifters and everybody else who needs a lot of strength.

Paleo Diet For Autoimmune Diseases

Many studies discovered the connection between grains, pulses, dairy and autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other. People that suffer from these diseases felt a lot of relief just by excluding these ingredients from their diet. Also, you should lower intake of eggs, tomatoes, eggplant, spices, and seeds. These ingredients, which are allowed by Paleo diet, could cause issues with people who suffer from autoimmune diseases. It is recommended that you exclude these ingredients completely.

Simple Meal Plan For Weight Loss


Scrambled eggs with shrimp, basil, and spinach. The quarter cup of blueberries. Espresso coffee.


Salad with chicken and onions, lettuce, artichokes, and paprika. Use little olive oil and garlic. Drink green tea with lemon.


Roasted shrimp with vegetables, and a handful of nuts.


Pork with cabbage, ginger and olive oil. For desert get almonds and quarter cup of berries. Considering the fact that lunch is our most caloric meal, you can switch it with dinner.

Plan For Athletes Who Work On Stamina

If you like an early workout, here is a suggestion how to start your day:

Snack before morning workout

50g of chicken or two eggs

Half or quarter cup of melons or blueberries

You should eat breakfast half hour after workout

Salmon with scrambled eggs, half of melon or cup of blueberries


Roasted salmon with sweet potatoes, olive oil, and cinnamon


Bolognese sauce with organic beef and melons


Canned sardines, orange, and handful of almonds


Flounder steak, artichokes, and pesto sauce

Plan For Athletes Which Work On Strength

Scrambled eggs (4-6 eggs), avocado, half cup of blueberries

Snack before workout

50-100g of chicken, handful of nuts

Meal after workout

150-220g of salmon, asparagus, mushrooms and curry from coconut milk


Salad with salmon or tuna, olive oil, avocado, tomatoes, onions


Grilled organic beef. A big portion of lettuce with onions, ginger and sesame dressing.