Work Out

Respect The Rules Of Workout: Forget About Posing And Work Out

Remember why you want to work out, if it’s because of the posing, save yourself some time and quit. If you work out because of your health, then respect the rules of workout.

Remember why you’re exercising in the first place. Whether you want to get into shape, be healthier or whatever, you won’t reach your goal if you pose at gym. Follow some basic rules if you want to get results.

1. Don’t talk at gym

Don’t take this literally. When you do a certain exercise or series of exercises, you need to focus on them, and that will improve its effect and results. When you’re taking a break, you can talk and socialize if you have enough strength for that. Breathing and proper execution of exercises bring results. You need to work out hard, socialize on the break or after workout.

2. Avoid makeup when you’re going to the gym

Of course, this applies to women. When you’re at the gym you need to be natural and relaxed, and by this you’ll allow your body to give its maximum. The key point here is to allow your skin to breathe naturally rather than to make it look good. Think about sweating, makeup will distract you because you can’t wipe off the sweat properly. All of this affects the quality of workout.

3. Avoid chewing gum

Gym might not be the adequate place for gum, but that’s not the problem. Gum will distract you, it can disrupt your breathing and you can swallow it while performing certain exercise. Be careful, if trainer warns you about it, remember that it’s all about prevention.

4. Execute each exercise properly as well as number of reps

If you do a certain exercise and you’re not doing it properly, or you don’t know how many reps you did, there are two reasons for that. The exercise is too hard or too easy, or you are not concentrated. If you are lying to somebody about the number of reps, remember that you are not lying to them but to yourself. That’s why your concentration needs to be on top level for each exercise.

5. Leave your problems at home or at work

If you came to the gym, give it your best. If you have certain problems at home or at work, just by coming to the gym you did a lot. That’s why you need to give it your best, do not limit yourself and believe that everything will look simpler and different afterwards. Workout is a time when you do something useful for yourself, your body and health.

6. Don’t be late

If you have plans to work out with someone, or just by yourself, don’t be late, and you’ll create a positive habit. You’ll also set example for others. Of course, there are times when you have to miss the gym because of unforeseen circumstances, but by being there on time, you respect yourself and the trainer if you have one.