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5 Spring Juices: Health In A Glass!

Vitamins and other nutrients from these juices are absorbed fast and they improve your immune system. Simply add fruit and vegetables to the blender, and add water according to your needs to make an amazing healthy drink.

Juice made from fruits and vegetables in the morning is a perfect day to start your day, and it will certainly fight offspring laziness. Vitamins and other nutrients improve immunity and they are overall great for your body.

Check out these amazing juices which you can make today.

1. Juice From Purple Cabbage

This juice tastes great, it is full of vitamin C and it is visually appealing. You’ll need two cups of purple cabbage, 3 stems of celery, half of lemon, and 2 cups of cut up pear. Simply put everything in the blender, add as much water as you want and make yourself a nice and healthy juice. It is full of vitamins and it can be used for detoxification.

2. Amazing Green Juice

Green juices are known as healthiest, and this juice is not only a vitamin bomb, it will refresh you and wake you up in second. You’ll need one small head of celery, 1 cucumber, 2-3 leafs of kale, 1 lemon, one spoon of freshly grated ginger half of cup of small sprouts, 1 cup of parsley and two pears. The process of preparation is always the same. Everything needs to be peeled and cleaned before grinding it in the blender. Amazing green juice is also great for maintaining weight, skin and hear.

3. Carrot Juice

The first time you make this juice, you’ll be surprised by its amazing and strong color. This is also the ideal way to prepare yourself for summer because carotene is great for summer and sunbathing. Place in blender 5-6 peeled carrots, 1 cucumber, 1 apple, 1 lemon (no peel), and one smaller piece of fresh ginger. You can also add some pomegranate if you want.

4. Grapefruit Juice For Cleansing

It is a great juice for boosting metabolism, and it is especially useful for people who want to lose weight before summer. If you add this juice to your morning coffee ritual, you’ll do your body a great favor. It is easy to prepare, and it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. One red grapefruit, two stems of celery, a handful of strawberries and handful of freshly cut up fennel- it is the ideal combination. Put everything in the blender and enjoy the refreshing taste of this healthy drink.

5. Green Juice For Evening

If you want to replace your dinner with a healthy drink, try this green juice. Thanks to green vegetables, it is a great fighter against body’s acidity. It won’t be hard on your stomach, but it will protect you. You’ll need a handful of fresh peas, one cup of young spinach, 2 big leaves of chard, 1 green apple, ½ of the lemon, and ½ of cucumber. It doesn’t get greener than this, and you should know by now that green means healthy.