11 Foods To Eat When You’re In Depression

1. Kale Kale and other dark leafy greens have numerous health benefits. Kale is rich in vitamins and minerals, like magnesium. Magnesium is an essential mineral known for its antidepressant…

crispy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

5 Gluten – Free Chocolate Chip Recipe Ideas

Being on a gluten-free diet, doesn’t mean that you should starve yourself. Gluten-free diet can be challenging at first. You have to transform all your classic, traditional recipes, like chocolate chip cookie recipe, for gluten-free.

Life is short ...eat dessert first

Craving For Chocolate? Try These 7 Tips

Are you a chocoholic? Chocoholic addiction can be a serious problem, something that just creeps up on you and spirals into a massive problem without you realizing.