No Bake Almond Fudge Protein Bars

5 DIY Protein Bars Ideas

Some mass-market companies load their bars with chemicals to optimize shelf life and taste, so here are some fast, easy ideas for DIY protein bars.

easy chicken saute with broccoflower, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives

5 Easy But Healthy Bachelor Food Ideas

Men, if you are single and getting bored of the same three dinner options every night of the week (sandwich, chips and salsa), then good sir, this is for you! Let’s end the chips and salsa epidemic once and for all and get you back in your element with these simple and easy food ideas.

Goat Cheese Chicken Salad Sandwich

5 Healthy Meals At Work Ideas

Cooking quality healthy meals is a good idea for so many reasons. Whether or not you’re trying to lose weight, bringing your own meals to work keeps you in charge of the ingredients that give energy to your body and help you perform at your best at work.

2012-08-12 Southwest Frittata

10 Healthy Christmas Side Dishes Ideas

During Christmas holidays you will probably eat as much food as you can, and you’re most likely not even going to try to stop yourself! Well, it’s okay, because you can make some healthier side dishes so that you don’t feel too horrible about it!

Spicy Turkey Burger

4 Healthier Burger Ideas

These healthy recipes for burgers, are full of protein and low in carbs and bad fats, making them smart choices for your healthy eating plan.