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The Raw Food Diet: Beginners Guide

What’s a raw food diet

This diet is not a foreign term at all. You have been eating raw food your entire life, since bananas, nuts and raisins are all listed under raw foods.

It’s believed that if most of your diet is fresh foods, you will be happier, healthier and have more energy. In a raw food diet context, whole plant-based foods, except meat and fish, are classified under “raw” foods. This food should be prepared under 46°C.

Is the raw food diet for you

If you want to add more fresh foods to your diet and reduce the quantity of processed food which you consume, or if you want to avoid heat-processed food and animal products, or you just want to improve your physical well-being, then perhaps you should start with the raw food diet.

How to make your own raw food menu

It is a little bit hard to follow raw food diet because it is interpreted differently by each nutritionist. It mostly depends up to you whether or not you’ll eat food which is cooked, and how you plan and make your meal. The most important and fundamental thing to remember about the raw food diet is to keep track of carbs, fats, and proteins.

However, the best menu plan is based on the needs and body type of each individual. You must estimate what your body actually needs based on how much physical activity you have (more physical activity requires more proteins and more carbs), whether you have any special condition (such as diabetes which demands more sugar intake) and what were your food habits so far.

This might take quite some time to figure out, but mostly you can start with a diet which is balanced in required nutrients. The main sources of carbohydrates are grains, fruits, and starches. For proteins go with green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

In order to germinate seeds, you can soak nuts or whole grains in purified water overnight, and you can get fats from seeds and nuts again. Even though the preparation might be tedious, you can search the web to make your life a little bit easier. Look for the websites to find recipes for raw food diets.

Several things to remember

If you decide to go with raw food diet you should remember to pick fruits which contain seeds, not the seedless hybrid ones. Also, pick loads of green leafy vegetables, eat nuts moderately and eat sugars in the form of fruits (mangoes, oranges, and grapes). Raw foods have high water content, so drink water according to thirst.

Chew very good. Try to restrict meals which are cooked to just one per day, and preferably in the evening. Avoid alcohol beverages, but if you want to drink choose wine. Focus on satiety, the satisfied feeling that you have eaten enough. Hunger is usually not a problem, and grains, beans, and veggies require more time to digest.