Healthy Raw Green Kale

The Ultimate 7 Benefits Of Green Leafy Veggies

The phrase ‘Green leafy vegetables’ spells ‘health’. These natural wonders of the soil hold so much amazing nutrition in them that avoiding them is a serious health mistake. Whether you want to switch over to veganism fully on or not, do check out the ultimate 7 ways how the veggies replenish you.

1. Spell Kale with K

Kale is one of the richest sources of vitamin K. Just how important is vitamin K to your body? Apparently, it can be one of your secret magic recipes to stay young.

Among the other important functions, the K vitamin helps in blood clotting and improving the overall cardiovascular health. In fact, it also protects the body from calcification of the kidney, and bone fragility.

Since it improves blood circulation, your skin expresses in a healthy youthful glow. Apart from Kale, Dandelion Greens and Swiss Chards are also great resources for the essential vitamin nutrition.

2. Prevent cancer

Develop a formidable immunity system capable of defeating cancer. Research suggests that the carotenoids present in dark green leafy vegetables can prevent the growth of stomach, lungs, breast, and skin cancer.

The folate in green vegetables also reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer. In addition, this category of vegetables is often rich in dietary fibers, which reduce the chances of developing colorectal cancer.

Independent research and successful applications also show that extracts derived from cannabis leaves can eliminate even the most stubborn cancers. However, it is still to be recognized officially. Just keep on piling your sandwich with lettuce and spinach leaves!

3. A youthful vigor

The antioxidants in the green leafy vegetables do wonder to your immunity and overall skin health. Essentially, these are rich in antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals in your body, before they affect your skin health.

However, you must make it a point to try your best in choosing organic producers instead of pesticide infested GMO crops. In addition, when you shop, make sure the leaves are not yellow or wilted. You can also buy directly from farmer’s shops or grow your own organic food in a rooftop garden.

4. Lower cholesterol levels

Vegetables such as mustard greens and kale lower blood cholesterol level indirectly by binding with the bile molecules secreted by the liver. Actually, the liver uses blood cholesterol to produce bile.

The bonding between bile molecules and green leafy vegetables causes an increased excretion of bile, thereby leading the liver to utilize an increased amount of cholesterol to prepare bile acid again. If you steam the vegetables instead of eating them raw, the effect is much better than preparing it any other way.

5. Improve your vision

The carotenoids available in abundance within the green leafy vegetables actually nourish your visual cells to filter high-energy light that can cause eye damage. The amazing carotenoids are zeaxanthin and lutein.

The nourishment also decreases the risk of developing cataracts, increase your eye’s tolerance to glares, and extend your visual area. Swiss chard, Dandelion, Kale, and Mustard Greens are the best sources to enrich your vision with carotenoids.

6. Fast processing of carbohydrates

Green leafy vegetables such as escarole are rich sources of Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid. This particular vitamin has a very major role in the oxidation cycles of your cell. These actually boost the conversion of carbs to glucose that your cells use as fuel to generate the energy for daily activities.

However, do remember to add in a sumptuous amount of the vegetable to your diet because Pantothenic acid is a water-soluble vitamin. This means your body also loses a major portion of this vitamin you take.

7. Your super source for calcium

The bones strength is based on calcium. The vegetables with a slightly bitter taste are rich in calcium.

In fact, dietitians recommend at least 1000 mg of calcium per day for women in the age group 31 to 50.

Besides the calcium tablets the doctor prescribed, do consider including a lot of kale, dandelions, mustard greens, and swiss chards in your diet. They keep you strong and going quite literally.

To put things in perspective, you get 49 mg of Ca from a half cup serving of Kale and 78 mg from the dandelion greens. Swiss chard has 54 mg of calcium content and mustard greens have 55 mg.