Time For Workout: 7 Reasons To Exercise In The Morning!

April 7: One Last Quiet Morning in this Silent Spring.

Photo by SaylaMarz

There are many reasons to exercise in the morning, and there is, even more, to do it before work. Here are seven reasons why morning exercise will benefit you.

1. It will help you focus

In the evenings your phone is ringing, you get a million messages, twitter is always on and you can’t really focus on the workout. You’ll be able to avoid all of these distractions in the morning.

2. You won’t have to rush it

Give yourself enough time in the morning for a good workout. Grab something to eat and go to the gym, park or wherever you exercise. After you finish, you got rest of the day for your daily obligations.

3. You’ll burn fat at the right time

Morning exercise boosts metabolism and burns calories. This means that you’ll burn a lot of calories and you won’t have to pay attention to the size of your meals.

4. You’ll avoid crowd

In morning hours there are not a lot of people in gyms and parks, which means that you’ll have enough time to use the gym equipment you want.

5. Or stay away from the gym

If you think you lose most time on your way to the gym and back, stay at home. There are a million exercises you can do at home with the same effect.

6. Get your morning dose

We all know that exercise makes you feel good, burns calories… When you follow a healthy lifestyle as soon as you wake up, you won’t give in to fast food and you’ll buy a refreshing salad instead.

7. You don’t have to wake up early in the morning to exercise

You can set up your alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual, and do a couple of small exercise in 15 minutes or so. Results will be noticeable after just a few days.