What Your Eating Habits Say About You

Everything we do, even our food choice, is reflections of who we are. You can tell a lot about person’s character just by observing their choices, and the same thing is with food.

Your food choices are linked with your personality type and this will be more discussed if you look further in the article.

People who love spicy food are risk-takers

People who are risk-takers are open to many new experiences and most of them love to eat spicy food. This isn’t the first time the spicy food was linked with certain personality type. In several studies, spicy food was associated with increased desire for driving fast cars, gambling, riding the rollercoaster and other experiences associated with risk-taking.

You hate that your food touches each other

If you do not like potato to touch the corn on your plate and have to keep every single food item separated, then you can be a person who likes to maintain order. However, it is a good advice that you don’t overdo it, or your date will think that you are having an obsession with keeping your food items separated.

Take the entire portion for yourself

While offering food to people around you will reflect you in a positive light, not offering your food can send a negative signal about yourself. People will think that you are too selfish or stingy to share, and prefer to eat all the food for yourself. But, an open-minded individual may think that you are an independent thinker, and don’t believe in offering food, just for the sake of it.

Experiment with food

If you are mixing several food items, it means that you’re not afraid of experimenting in life. Also, you enjoy new challenges in life to keep you going. It also means that you can shoulder many responsibilities simultaneously, but concentrating on just one task can become a problem for you. Also, these kinds of people often lack the knack to prioritize the most important things in their life. But, they are really great at multitasking.

Adjust your eating pace according to your companions

If you can adjust your eating pace according to your companions, it means that you have an ability to adapt to different people and situations. You are very friendly, and a complete people’s person. Wherever you go you can easily make friends and social connections.

You eat too slow

Slow eaters are people who want to enjoy every single experience in life. They have time to enjoy in every ingredient of their meal. Often times, in their quest for savoring the food, they end up taking too much, which may irritate others. Slow eaters are said to put themselves and their needs ahead of others. Also, they may be equally slow when it comes to completing their tasks.

You eat too fast

If you are eating too fast, it can seem that you are a person who doesn’t have a balance, when it comes to setting your priorities. At times, you run the risk of coming across as an over-competitive person. But, people who eat fast are also said to be fast in their work, and often known to complete their tasks before the deadline.