What’s So Wrong About Salty Food

Salt of the World.

Photo by Daniel Y. Go

1. Why Is It Bad For You?

The direct effect on your blood pressure has the amount of salt which you eat. Eating too much of salt makes the extra water stored in your body and that raises your blood pressure.

The higher your blood pressure is, the greater the strain on your arteries, brain, heart and kidneys are. All this can lead to strokes, heart attacks, kidney disease and dementia.

2. What Exactly Is Salt?

Salt is actually sodium chloride and it is a necessary mineral for a healthy human body. Because salt is made of sodium chloride it can make food labels quite confusing. The labels sometimes only give the amount of sodium in the food and not the amount of salt.

3. Why Do We Need Salt?

Salt plays an important role in the body and it adds a flavor to our food. The most common source of sodium and chloride ions comes from salt which can not be made by the body itself, so it has to be consumed through the food intake. Sodium regulates volumes of fluid in the body and it also helps the uptake of many other nutrients into cells.

Acid-base level, or the normal pH, of the blood, is also influenced by the levels of sodium in the body. All this means that sodium can play a much bigger role in transmitting nerve signals in the body and also aiding contraction of the muscles. Chloride ions, just like sodium, also play important roles in the body, and it is involved with pH levels and fluid movements in the body.

4. What’s Wrong With Eating Too Much Salt?

Excess of sodium in the body will increase blood pressure because it holds excess fluid, and that creates an added burden on the heart. Too much sodium will increase the risk of heart failure, stroke, stomach cancer, kidney disease and osteoporosis. Foods like bread and cereals can have high amounts of salt and that’s why we call them a silent killer because usually, people don’t realize they have high blood pressure.

5. Reduction Of Salt Intake

If you consider all the negative effects high salt intake can cause, you might want to reduce your own salt intake, and it might actually be harder than you think. The fact that a significant amount of the salt people consume has already been added to the food at the manufacturing stage makes it difficult to reduce salt intake.