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Everything You Should Know About Tofu

Tofu is made from curdled soybean milk and it is a nutritious food rich in protein. Soy products, including tofu, provide omega 3 fatty acids and other valuable nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are very important to maintain our body healthy.

Tofu and almost every soy-based product are made from the tofu small brown beans. Tofu varies in texture from soft to firm to extra-firm. There are numerous health benefits of tofu but there are also some precautions when consuming it. All that you really must know about tofu is explained here:

Tofu nutrients

Tofu has a high amount of nutrients. With the great amount of protein and the low percentage of sodium and fats, it is one of the healthiest of vegetarian foods. Because of the right distribution of all the nutrients, tofu has plenty of healthy benefits. Tofu provides many various essential nutrients like iron and calcium. Because of the high quality of the protein, tofu is the most valuable to those who are on an exclusively vegetarian diet.

How to consume tofu

Extra-firm and firm tofu are best for grilling, baking and frying, while the soft tofu has a smoother texture and is, therefore, better suited for desserts, salad dressings, and sauces. Tofu is available in non-refrigerated packages, in aseptically sealed containers, and refrigerated in individual packages or in bulk. Packaged tofu must have the expiration dates that you should check to make sure that you will be using it before that date.

Health benefits of eating tofu

The best tofu health benefits are believed to be due to isoflavones, the main component in tofu. Isoflavones in tofu can reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women and are good fighters against cholesterol. By choosing tofu for hair growth, you are feeding protein into the hair. If compared to the other hair products that we can buy in the market, tofu is really natural, and also a less expensive option. Some of the benefits of tofu for skin are that it tones the muscles and preserves the elasticity of the skin.

It is also very effective in delaying the aging process. Regular intake of tofu protects your blood vessels from damage. Soy foods can also help in lowering triglycerides and the levels of cholesterol in your blood and keeps the blood pressure stable. Tofu is a great source of iron, which is a vital requirement for healthy blood. Iron together with the hemoglobin is needed in energy production for the transport and release of oxygen in our body.

Dangers of consuming tofu

Because many people think that tofu is good and nutritious, they try to eat as much as they can and hope that it will be good for their health. But overconsumption of tofu can be very dangerous because these proteins will turn into the waste which contains and it will increase the burden on the kidneys and cause indigestion. Because it contains a large of methionine, tofu can also increase the risk of atherosclerosis. So in order to avoid many health risks, you should eat tofu in moderation.