dried black beans

5 Health Benefits Of Black Beans

Most people have tried black beans but very few are aware of all the health benefits which they provide. Black bean is a legume which should be an important part of everyone’s diet.

Over time, black beans have successfully established themselves as an essential food, which has many health benefits. The health benefits include fighting many diseases.

Black beans are full of fiber, copper, zinc, molybdenum and protein. However, a high concentration of Anthocyanin found in black beans is the most beneficial to the health. This flavonoid pigment gives color to many black fruits, vegetables, and berries, and provides special health benefits. The other health benefits of black beans are listed below.

1. Digestive tract benefits

Black beans contain high quantity of both fiber and protein, which move food at a healthier pace through your stomach to the large intestine. For that reason, each part of your digestive tract doesn’t have to work too hard. In addition, this also supports the ideal balance of populations of microorganisms and chemicals, which are needed for a healthy digestive system.

2. Blood sugar regulation

Digestive rates in your body, which are uneven, can cause unbalanced blood sugar levels, but black beans can regulate it. Protein and fiber found in black beans keep the steady rate of digestion flow, and for that reason, concentrated doses of nutrient uptake don’t happen. A steady removal of nutrients happens during the digestive process. Crashes and spikes in blood sugar can occur when digestion is unsteady. This is dangerous and sometimes fatal to patients who have diabetes or some other similar blood sugar-related condition.

3. Cardiovascular health

Black beans contain the high levels of fiber and that is one of the best benefits of adding them to your diet. High concentrations of soluble fiber can be found in black beans, which can help lower your blood pressure. Insoluble fiber adds mass to food and makes it easier to pass through your digestive system, whereas soluble fiber attracts water and during digestion, it turns into a gel.

Lower blood pressure means the reduced thickness of the artery walls, and that means the lower chances of having a stroke or heart attack. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in black beans in small amounts, which are “good” cholesterols in your body that balance the negative effects of “bad” cholesterols, or omega-6 fatty acids. They can lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, and put less oxidative or strain stress on the cardiovascular system as a whole because they have slightly anti-hypertensive effects.

4. Nervous system health

Black beans contain a lot of folates or vitamin B6. In order to function properly, the nervous system relies on folate to produce the amino acids. A deficiency in folate may cause the improper development of spinal cord and brain of the fetus for pregnant women. Pregnant women also have a lot of benefits from the high content of iron which is found in black beans.

5. Rich in molybdenum

The trace mineral molybdenum can be found in black beans. This mineral breaks down and detoxifies sulfites, which are found in foods, such as wines and salads. A lot of people are sensitive to sulfites, which can cause a headache, disorientation when consumed or rapid heartbeat. According to one study, a deficiency of molybdenum can result in impotence in older men.