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10 Healthy Energy Foods You Can Eat At Any Time

If you are relying on synthetic energy drinks in order to get through the day, you may be surprised to know that you have natural options as well. As a matter of fact, the foods below will give you more of an energy boost than the energy drinks that you spend so much money on.

Because the body is made to take nutrients from natural foods, you will retain more of the vitamins from the foods below. Many of the foods below also have additional advantages that will increase your durability as well as your overall health.

1. Apples

It is said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Further research by many reputable universities has actually shown that this is true.

Not only are apples full of nutrients that the body needs to stave off disease, but the fruit is also a delicious alternative for people who are looking for a short-term energy boost throughout the day.

Apples are also incredibly convenient. The skin of the apple protects it until you are ready to eat it, making it a preferred option for people who are on the go. They have just the right amount of carbohydrates and natural sugars that will give you a steady boost through the workday.

2. Peppers

Most people think of peppers as a spice, but they can also be eaten in the same way as a vegetable. Peppers are also incredibly easy to add to virtually any recipe. They add a tasty spice that can liven up boring dishes. One of the best things about peppers is that they curb your appetite as well. If you have a craving for fatty foods throughout the day, you can virtually eliminate this craving from your diet if you substitute peppers for candies and other high-fat items.

3. Hummus

Chickpeas are a natural source of energy and protein, and chickpeas form the basis of hummus. Hummus creates a natural balance between carbs and proteins that keep you from wasting energy that will eventually turn into fat.

Hummus can be used as a snack that can actually be combined with other natural energy boosting foods such as celery or carrots. When you purchase hummus in the store, try to purchase it locally. Many of the brands that are distributed by larger companies have many preservatives and additives that take away from the energy building properties of the natural food. Keep it simple so that you can benefit the most from this amazing food.

4. Carrots

Mentioned above as a dipping food for hummus, carrots actually have positive energy properties of their own that can be used to your advantage. Carrots are another very convenient food that you can use in many different forms.

Carrots can be eaten with virtually no preparation. They can also be placed into many different dishes. Although carrots can be cooked, it is best to have raw carrots as much as possible. Raw carrots maintain most of their nutritious properties. They are also much easier to take on the go.

5. Celery

Yet another food that was mentioned above that is great for energy is celery. Boasting many of the same vitamins as carrots, celery gives you a another option for eating on its own or dipping with of food such as hummus.

Celery has the additional feature of being quite high in water content. As it gives you energy, it will also curb your appetite in the same way as peppers do. Celery is especially good to eat during the summer because of its hydrating properties.

In some cases the fatigue that a person feels is not because of the lack of carbohydrates; rather, it is because of the dehydration that summer weather causes. One of the classic snacks that are great for balancing carbohydrates and proteins is the “frog on a log.” Fill in the divot of a celery stick with peanut butter and top it off with raisins for a great snack that will keep you going for the rest of the day.

6. Pineapple

Pineapple is a very sweet option for people who are not necessarily worried about carbohydrates in their diet. Although it has a very high sugar content even compared to other fruits, the manganese in the pineapple is what you are looking for.

Manganese is the nutrient that gives you the energy boost in the fruit. The vitamin C that you get from pineapple will also help to galvanize your immune system. If you keep your immune system healthy, then your body will feel more energetic overall. It will not have to allocate additional resources to fight off disease, leaving you with much more energy to put towards other productive activities.

7. Oatmeal

Although many people say that they cannot stand the rather bland taste of oatmeal, it is one of the best foods that you can start off your day with.

Make sure that you are using natural oatmeal and not the convenience oatmeal with refined sugar added into the mix. If you eat refined sugar, you may feel a very short term energy boost that will turn into a crash later.

This is the equivalent of eating an energy drink for breakfast. If you want to add a bit of taste to your morning oatmeal, add some natural brown sugar that has been recently heated to the mix. Raisins are also a great way to add a bit of taste if you do not necessarily like the taste of oatmeal. Oatmeal is also a great way to curb your appetite for the rest of the day.

8. Granola

Granola is another food that has been co-opted by the larger distribution companies, paired with refined sugar and put on the market as a healthy product. Granola is one of the best energy production foods on the planet; just make sure that you get natural granola instead of the convenience granola bars.

9. Herbal teas

Believe it or not, teas are very good at creating an even and durable energy boost. This is a food that you can eat throughout the day. Teas are especially good for energy boosts because the body is able to take in nutrients more readily because of the hot water.

The best part about herbal teas is that the definition includes many different energy producing foods. As a matter of fact, herbal teas can consist of any number of herbs or spices, created for special occasions. You can go from the ginger root one day to ginseng the next day.

10. Quinoa

Quinoa gives you a complex carbohydrate that serves as the energy boosting feature. The amino acids that quinoa has are also a great energy boosting feature for people who maintain a higher level of activity than the normal person. Athletes and those who work out on a daily basis usually do well with quinoa. There are many quinoa recipes that you can create for a special occasion. You can also create dishes with quinoa and many of the other foods that are on this list.