The Essence of Egg

7 Biggest Lies About Food

If you repeat the certain lie long enough, it becomes truth- that’s an old rule of propaganda. We’ve been listening certain lies about food for years, but no matter how much you repeat them, they’re still not correct.

1. Eggs Are Unhealthy

Eggs are full of cholesterol and that’s why they’re bad for your healthy, especially for the heart. However, facts tell us a different story. Studies have shown that cholesterol doesn’t raise blood cholesterol level. Truth is that eggs contain good cholesterol which is not related to heart disease. Eggs are one of the best foods in the world. They are full of antioxidants, and they are ideal breakfast food. Compared to the rolls, biscuits and other breakfast foods, they are much healthier and you don’t have to worry about gaining weight.

2. You Must Eat Grains

A Healthy diet is based on grains, according to everybody. However, their nutritional value is low and can’t be compared to vegetables. Also, they contain phytic acid which binds with minerals and prevents their absorption in out digestive system.

3. Fat-Free Food Is Healthy

Do you know how the food tastes like when we drain all the fat out of it? It tastes like something that’s not edible. That’s why food producers add all kinds of additives to it to improve taste. Many of those additives contain sugar. Newest studies suggest that because of those sugars fat-free food might cause diabetes or heart disease. Artificial fat-free food is certainly unhealthy.

4. You Must Eat Many Small Meals During The Day

That idea is one of the biggest myths and it doesn’t make any sense. Numerous studies proved that there is no difference if you eat many times, or only a few times a day. It all comes down to calories count. The only thing that’s important is that you don’t eat more than you should. We’ll repeat, there is no scientific evidence that proves that eating many small meals is healthier that eating three meals a day.

5. Omega-6 Acids And Herbal Oils Are Necessary For Healthy Diet

It’s truth that people should consume Omega-3 acids which lower the risks for many diseases. But, Omega-6 and Omega-3 acids are good for your body only if they are present in the right ratio. If the ratio is not right, Omega-6 acids can be bad for your health.

6. Sugar Is Bad For Your Body Because It Contains Empty Calories

It’s common opinion that sugar is bad for you because it contains useless calories. It’s correct that sugar has many calories which have no nutritional value. But, that’s not the only problem with sugar, there are many other reasons why sugar is bad for you. It contains a high percentage of fructose which raises cholesterol level in the blood, and creates resistance to insulin which then may cause you to gain weight and develop diabetes. Sugar is one of the worst ingredients known, but not because of its empty calories.

7. Foods Rich In Fat Cause You To Gain Weight

Eat greasy food and you’ll gain weight, it sounds reasonable, but it’s not so simple. Foods rich in fat do not cause you to gain weight by themselves. Other factors are also important. For example, your weight will depend on your level of activity, the climate where you live, the level of stress, etc. All of that and many other things determine what will happen with your body after you eat something greasy.