Feed children Vitamin D.

7 Best Supplements For Losing Weight

Did you know that you can eat and still lose weight without getting rid of some of your favorite ingredients? The trick is in the right combination of ingredients. We’re talking about certain vitamins and nutrients which can induce a calorie burn even when you’re not active. Without these supplements, your body will do just opposite and it will deposit fat. Because of that, it is necessary to take these supplements. Keep in mind that they will not do the trick by themselves, you have to eat right and exercise.

1. Vitamin D

Many research studies proved that vitamin D stimulates fat burning. It helps our body absorb glucose which is then turned into energy. When its level in the body is low, sugars turn into fat and it’s harder to burn calories. Also, the lack of vitamin D can disrupt leptin, a hormone which signals your body when you’re full. So if you want to lose weight, make sure that you eat foods rich in vitamin D. Some of the best sources are salmon, tuna, catfish, yogurt, grains, bread as well as our body, it produces naturally when you’re exposed to sunlight.

2. Calcium

Calcium is a mineral which cooperates with vitamin D and it helps burn fat. Certain studies have shown that intake of vitamin D and calcium during diet can help burn fat significantly. Calcium is deposited in fat cells, more calcium there is, more fat is burned. It also helps lose weight by bonding to fat cells in a digestive system preventing them from being absorbed.

3. Proteins

Besides the fact that they control your appetite, they are also great for building muscle. More muscle you have, the faster your metabolism is and you burn more fat. That’s why you should eat as many healthy proteins as possible.

4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Many studies have shown that ingredients rich in omega 3 fatty acids can help you burn fat and make you feel better, in other words, they might be just the thing that’s going to prevent you from emotional eating. Best sources for omega 3 fatty acids are fish, different seeds, and nuts.

5. Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

They contain essential fatty acids necessary for a healthy body, they lower risks for breast and colon cancer, and they’re rich in vitamin E. Danish study which included the group of 26 men and women proved that diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids help burn calories. They’re found in olive oil, nuts, different seeds, avocado, peanut butter, and chocolate. They are also good for lowering appetite and balancing blood sugar levels.

6. Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA)

CLA is a mixture of different types of linoleic acid isomers which are found in dairy products and meat. It’s a supplement many heard of without really knowing what it is. CLA is a great fat burner, it builds muscle and it fights cancer. It stimulates weight loss by helping glucose in the blood get into cells and turn into energy instead of fat.

7. Polyphenols

Green tea is known for its fat burning capabilities and it’s all because of polyphenols. They are extremely healthy antioxidants which boost metabolism and burn calories. Besides that, green tea heats up the body and lowers appetite, so make sure you drink a couple of cups a day.