5 Chrono Diet Lunch Ideas

According to the Chrono diet, lunch should be the biggest meal of the day. The Chrono diet recommends eating lunch between 13am to 15 pm.Lunch should be large without desserts or snacks. You shouldn’t eat anything at least 5 hours after lunch.

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8 Facts You Should Know About Clean Eating

Clean eating is a healthy lifestyle approach. Clean eating focuses on exercise and eating unprocessed, whole foods (lean meats, veggies,fruits and whole grains) and avoiding processed foods, trans fats, and saturated fats.

8 Ways To Stick To Your Diet At Work

Many off us live stressful lives. Thousands of people rush out of their homes every morning with nothing but a cup of coffee. This unhealthy lifestyle has taken its toll on our health.

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Getting Bored With Your Diet? Try These 6 Tips!

One of the common reasons for stopping healthy eating is “boredom” with the food. Eating is an experience. It is the way how we connect with others, take a break from our daily routine, and most importantly, fuel our bodies.