Making home made lemonade

11 Fantastic Ways Refreshing Lemonade Helps Your Body

1. Balancing acidic pH

Since lemon water is an alkaline drink (after you drink it), it neutralizes the excess acidic environment of the body. Acidity is caused by a variety of factors including fast foods, spicy foods, alcohol, pesticides from GMO, and soft drinks.

Scientists connect the acidic body system with a variety of vital health issues such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity among other problems. Lemonade calms the body from the constant discomfort of acidity.

It balances the pH system to a neutral level for the best. However, the excess of lemonade is not good either! Too much of alkalinity will not be a good thing as well. Keep it in moderation. Even miracles must not be exhausted, don’t let it turn into something negative!

2. Strengthens immunity

Lemons are almost fully about Vitamin C! The sour taste is Vitamin C. What does this vitamin do for you? Well, a lot of things, and strengthening your inherent immunity among other things.

Immunity is the natural defense mechanism of your body against diseases. Given the polluted climate and corrupted food supply of today’s world, everyone has to face the heat of a weakened immune system.

It leads to all kinds of diseases that are difficult to remit even (because the immune system is weak). The occasional lemonade refreshes your immune system and boosts it to fight constantly with the germs. Well, a lot of things, and strengthening your immunity is one of them.

3. Amazing detoxification

Lemon water is totally an amazing drink when it comes to detoxifying the body. In fact, dietitians suggest it almost always with a detox diet. You can further increase the potential of detoxification by mixing the lemon juice is slightly warm water.

Try it the first thing in the morning and you will feel refreshed from last night’s hangover! If you can continue this habit, the positive changes are both felt and seen.
Your skin resumes a healthy glow and you do not find the usual drudgery of going about the daily routine. When you have a flushed out stomach in the morning, the rest of the day feels balanced and comfortable.

4. Great for liver

Although lemonade replenishes all the internal organs, its positive effects on the liver deserve a special mention. Being sour, it encourages the balanced production of bile which further helps in metabolism and boosting immunity.

In fact, lemonade also improves the functionality of the liver directly by energizing its enzymes. The proper functioning of the liver is vital for good health and also has significant weight loss benefits.

The liver is actually the fat burning super organ of the body. In presence of toxins, the liver comes short of its full functions because it has to metabolize the toxicity. The enhanced digestion also further helps by charging up the metabolic system of the body.

5. Great after exercise drink

Physical exercise is strenuous. That is why it is tough! When you are training your body to cross its limits, it takes its toll naturally.

During and after the exercise session, the body voraciously absorbs nutrients to balance with the increased blood flow and the tensed muscles. A glass of lemonade water provides an immediate boost of nutrition without pumping in sugar to your systems.

The calming effect of lemon water is actually a well-known technique among holistic physical trainers. You can also understand it easily as the compensation for sweating which removes mineral salts from the body. Lemonade supplies a rich array of minerals such as potassium, calcium, and sodium.

6. Immediate relief for heartburn

Heartburn is a common digestive problem caused by the acid reflux syndrome. It feels terrible! You lose your palate and bear with a constant unhealthy burning session in the chest and throat. Only an alkali can neutralize an acid.

Lemon water is one of the best alkaline beverages you can make right in your kitchen. You may find it confusing how the citric acid in lemon can be alkaline! Although it is rich in citric acid, yet it is also anionic.

So, when your body reacts with the anions of the lemon, they turn into being alkaline. As a result, you experience the bitter taste shock (like alcohol) only in the first sip. As the lemon molecules reach your stomach, they have a calming effect from being alkaline.

7. Anti-ageing concoction

Lemon juice actually has miraculous anti-ageing effects. It replenishes your body with minerals, boosts immunity, and supplies hydration. All these benefits impart a healthy glow to the skin.

When you have a strong immune system, the germs cannot corrode your health. The mineral supplies give strength to your bones. The alkaline effect neutralizes the free radicals.

You can drink it with a little honey in the morning if a little extra tummy fat concerns you. The water in lemonade makes the skin supple and soft. The detoxifying action eventually removes the dark circles around your eyes. All in all, it is an amazing beverage! It is healthy, refreshing, and easy to make. It costs almost nothing!

8. Managing alcohol addiction

Although alcohol is very common drink, yet that does not nullify its narcotic status. Now, a narcotic substance is not bad as long as it is in moderation and its ingredients are non-toxic.

Alcohol’s ingredients may be safe to an extent, but in excess, it is probably the most serious problem of mankind nowadays. There is something at the effect of alcohol that its presence is behind almost every horrible crime you see on the TV.

In limits, it is a beautiful relaxation for a sane mind. Unless you are sure of your sanity, do not drink it in excess. Really! Besides the psychological effects, it also leads to many health issues. Replace alcohol with lemonade frequently as both tastes sour in the first sip.

9. It helps in clear thinking

Lemonade actually scientifically helps in clear thinking, owing to its rich potassium content. Minerals such as potassium and sodium have very vital neurological effects.

Potassium essentially nourishes the nerve cells of the brain and facilitates clear conduction of impulse signals from different parts of the body.

A glass of simple lemon juice in the morning may actually have the same effects as meditating for thirty minutes. Although there is no definitive research on this, yet it has been already proven that meditation causes the brain cells to develop. Besides, the detoxifying and hydrating actions also calm the body internally, thereby relieving the mind as well. Drink lemonade for complete relaxation.

10. Good for the eyes

The vitamin C in lemon water is nature’s own miracle medicine for eye health. Research clearly proves that retinal cells function better when they have a healthy nourishment of vitamin C.

You should be careful to use good quality lemons for making lemonade always. The fruit which has been cut and left in open for some time is already too germ ridden to offer any benefit as such!

Genetically modified lemons, if available, are not good for health either. Independent studies show GMO foods to cause serious health issues. Packed lemon drinks actually have very little lemon in them. They are mostly chemicals that taste like lemon. Attend to all these aspects when you are picking up your groceries.

11. Dissolution relief

Sometimes, regions in the feet harden up to grow as corns. The dilute citric acid actually has a dissolving action on such hardened areas.

You can apply it topically along with drinking it regularly if tough soles look like an issue. It is also a great natural remedy when your gallstones have been diagnosed at an early stage.

Just include lemonade along with other changes in your diet. The actions eventually dissolve the gallstones. It also possesses a nullifying action on uric acid deposits and is a remedial beverage for arthritis and rheumatism. Totally, lemon juice is one underused superpower just waiting in your kitchen to change your life (when you allow).