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5 Healthy Fasting Tips

Fasting is avoiding to eat certain foods for set periods of time. Most people use fasting in spiritual and religious practices. Someone who drinks water from sunrise to sunset for forty days is fasting.

The fasting can be done for as many days as you like. Juice fasting is usually done to detox the body rather than for religious reasons. Water fasting may be done for a single day or many days. The motivation might be spiritual, for health or for both.

1. Drink water

While you are fasting, drink at least 8-ounce glasses of water in order to flush away toxins and waste in your body. This can also help you to maintain more energy.

2. Don’t go hard

Your body works hard to remove toxins, damaged cells and restore vitality. It also focuses on digestion throughout the day. But, fasting frees your body from these daily routines and it helps you to clean, repair and heal your organism. While your body cleans from the inside out, you should also give your body the rest it needs. To do this you must avoid exhausting work and take more breaks. Get fresh air and the sun, go for walks and go earlier to bed.

3. Find a plan

A lot of people think that fasting actually means a strict water fast or no food and water, which is pretty dangerous. There is more than one type of fasting and you should choose the one which is best for you. Unless you are under medical supervision or you can completely rest, a strict water fast is not recommended for more than two or three days in a row.

Freshly made juice, which is rich in antioxidants, can help your body to bind toxins so they can’t make any harm to cells. These antioxidants are important, especially while you’re fasting. Usually, toxins are stored in fat cells. These toxins are released in large amounts when you fast and without antioxidants to bind up free radicals, the cells in your body can be damaged.

If you’re on the juice fast, you can drink purified water, coconut water, veggie broth, herbal teas and vegetable juices throughout the day. All this will keep your organism energized, hydrated and above all healthy. You can also fast by avoiding to eat certain foods. This can be soda pop, coffee, sweets, snack foods, junk food or fast food.

4. Symptoms

When your body releases toxins, you might feel some detox reactions like tiredness, headaches, bad breath or foggy brain. All this is a part of your body’s ridding of toxins which could cause diseases. Don’t stop your fast if this happens, because the symptoms should pass relatively quickly.

5. Stop fast Smart

It is important how you break a fast as much as the fast itself. When you break the fast, for the first day eat only green smoothies, vegetable juices, vegetables, raw fruits, dehydrated vegan foods, steamed vegetables or veggie soups. Don’t break fast with heavy meals like steak, potatoes, burger and fries, because you can harm your body and get digestive issues and stomach cramps.