5 Ways To Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

The most important thing to help us live a really happy and healthy lifestyle is eliminating sugar from our diet.

This may help people in losing pounds, stabilizing mood, improving energy levels, keeping the skin beautiful, and preventing many health problems.

This sounds very good but when we decide to follow No-sugar diet, we have to know that it is not a really easy thing to achieve because sugar hides literary everywhere! So people must have a plan on how to do that in the right way. Below are directions that you must follow in order to succeed:

1. Avoid processed foods

Food that we can buy in a bag or a jar, whether it has a ‘healthy’ label, almost always contains a high amount of sugar. Because the food with the added sugar is tasty, and because it prevents the food to spoil, in almost all products sugar is present. So with avoiding processed food you also avoid sugars. The alternative is to find and eat a natural food, mostly vegetables.

2. Find the right substitutes

If you start to crave for a soda or a cake, substitute it with something else, like a pickle. It may sound funny, but if we eat something healthy that has a strong taste, like a pickle, really can help our craving for sugar. Because the vinegar is so strong it sends our brain the message that we don’t want to taste something sweet anymore. As for substitutions, don’t think that artificial sweeteners are a good decision because these products have been linked to obesity and gaining weight.

3. Make your own meals and bring healthy snacks

When they find themselves in “emergency” food situations, a lot of well-meaning people fall into the trap of eating unhealthy food. We are always in a hurry, and the meetings on our job often take longer than we planned, and the only food we can find is fast food. In situations like these, a soda and fries can seem so tempting. But you have to prepare yourself by carrying a healthy snack with you.

4. There is no a ‘healthy’ sugar

Raw sugar, brown rice syrup, agave nectar, honey, brown sugar, and turbinado sugar are all sugar and here there is no need to question more. This is the only and easiest way to immediately reduce the amount of sugar you are consuming. In tea and coffee instead of sugar, you can use stevia and erythritol drops. Nowadays there are more and more coffee places starting to have erythritol.

5. Limit fruit and add more vegetables

If you want to lose weight, for some time you can limit the amount of fruit you consume. Fruit contains fiber and nutrients, but it is also loaded with fructose, so do not overdo it. Also if you are sensitive to carbs or insulin resistant it would be the best to entirely eliminate fruit from your diet. When you wish to eat some fruit, choose the low-fructose fruits like berries, and in any form avoid dried fruit. The modern technology has created fruit that has been bred to be enormous; a whole fruit can be just too much fructose.