5 Ways To Survive Extreme Summer Heat

Many times, due to the summer heat, people lives have been lost. In these extreme conditions, we must know what can help us to survive the summer heat. There are many tips which can help in surviving summers.

1. Shower

Taking the shower twice or thrice a day is the best option out of all to survive summer heat because it will refresh us. This is an instant and effective way to beat the summer heat. You must take shower every day to stay fit and energetic. A cold shower regulates the metabolism and opens your body pores. Massage your body with cold oil during the shower to get more freshness.

2. Avoid heavy meals and eat fruit

Diets that are heavy in protein have become the “in” dietary fad among those looking to improve their health. Because protein boosts metabolism we can say that such a diet is effective. But also such process, by increasing metabolic heat, is and warming the body as a result. When a heat wave comes, body’s temperature rises which can be dangerous, even fatal. Even though it is no harm to consume protein in a presence of heat wave, just don’t consume too much.

3. Keep hydrated

What can be one hidden sign of a dehydration imbalance is constant snacking, and especially sugar cravings. Hydration is essential to keep all functions of the digestive tract running smoothly. Dehydration and stress can be a vicious cycle as stress increases high levels of circulating stress hormones what also creates dehydration.

What can help break this cycle is staying hydrated and finding healthy ways to relieve stress. People must consume more water than usual, and to know that thirst is often the first indicator of being dehydrated. Also, we must know that alcoholic and caffeinated beverages should be avoided during a heat wave, as they promote dehydration.

4. Stay downstairs and turn off appliances that you don’t need

Turn off all appliances and the lights unless you use them. Incandescent light bulbs and appliances create heat all the time. If you don’t use a computer, turn it off and keep the lights off unless it is absolutely necessary that they be on. It can also save you money. During a heat wave, upper floors of a home will be significantly warmer than downstairs. Stay in downstairs parts of the house if the heat is present. To ensure a better sleep at night, sleep on an air mattress or sleeping bag if needed.

5. Dress cool

What will keep you comfortable, even on the hottest days, are shorts, t-shirts, khakis and sundresses. If you’re permitted, skip the pants at work and wear sporting longer skirts. For many people, sandals and flip-flops are all styles footwear of choice. Go for breathable garments made from cotton and linen instead of jeans. The best way to bring your style level to another notch, instead of your usual slippers, is wearing sandals.