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7 Benefits Of A Detox Diet

The body accumulates toxins from food chemicals, junk food preservatives, residues from natural cellular processes, residues from pills, and by the incomplete disposal of digestive wastes. A detox diet usually consists of fruit & vegetable juices besides raw greens in a very controlled amount. Many purists also recommend fasting solely on water.

1. A sense of lightness

Only when you are on a fasting diet of detoxing, you realize how stuffed you feel usually. Snacks with a high amount of saturated fat and high protein foods cause a sense of uncomfortable satiety. As detoxing cleanse your system, a great sense of lightness embraces the spirit.

You may feel somewhat exhausted in the beginning, but in the end, you feel lively and replenished. Many describe the effect as ‘spiritual’. In fact, there is truth in the realization as well because all major religions of the world have fasting as a ritual (Ramadan, Lent, Yom Kippur, etc.) Buddhism and Hinduism also include fasting as a spiritual practice.

2. Clarity in thinking

When your body feels light and free of toxins, your mind also follows suit. All detox practitioners report how the diet plan helps them to see through ‘brain fog’. Perhaps, the toxins in the brain affect the connection of the neural circuits promoting clear thinking. Besides, when you detox, you exert a strong mental ability on yourself.

This extra effort manifests in taking strong decisions. In case, you need to quit an addictive habit, the decision of detoxing serves the purpose perfectly. It serves as the platform for a major transition in your life. The effects also show up as enhanced productivity, zesty family life, and also in great conjugal relationships.

3. Stress relief

The natural lightness and the clarity help you to solve life’s problems clearly. Besides, the mental strength that you automatically put on in executing a detox program immensely helps in coping with any emotional trauma. Detoxification gets your body in tune with the organicity of nature instead of the stuffed feeling of processed, oily, or spicy foods. As you begin to explore your newfound confidence, the stress begins to disappear automatically.

4. Losing weight

Fasting is a very contentious approach to losing weight. Many experts say that fasting causes the body to take up more food than usual when the fast is over. This may cause weight gain instead of weight loss. However, fasting does work to lose weight when you stick to the detox plan. Just remember that the detoxification must not follow up with excess eating afterward.

In fact, if you want to cut down on your meal sizes, fasting detoxification is perhaps the most radical step you can take. It inculcates the habit of eating less than you usually have. Hold on to the habit, and your body soon loses the excess calories. However, do have a balanced amount of nutrition to avoid being anorexic.

5. Anti-aging benefits

Body toxins such as free radicals are the main culprits of aging. The detoxification process literally imparts a healthy glow to the skin. Your skin feels smooth and healthy with all the fruits and vegetable juices working wonders beneath the surface. Hair feels shinier and more lustrous than before.

You also feel young with pure energy from within the body. Aging is as much psychological as it is a physical process. In fact, both these aspects are interconnected in a positive feedback pattern. Your inner health sends positive feedbacks to the brain, which in turn shows up as anti-aging benefits.

6. Strengthens the immune system

The detoxification process delivers a powerful boost to the natural immune system. As your body flushes out the unnecessary, the internal organs begin to function without a load of processing daily toxins. Besides, fruit and vegetable juices are rich in natural vitamins. Studies show pure pineapple juice is five times more effective than cough syrup to treat a common cold. Actually, pineapple consists of a natural enzyme bromelain with strong anti-inflammation properties. Similar great health benefits can be derived by rejuvenating the body with vegetable juices rich in Phyto vitamins, minerals, and a host of amazing micronutrients.

7. Helps with bad breath issues

This is a somewhat paradoxical aspect of detoxification. Essentially, as your body starts getting rid of toxins, all the openings of the system are put to use for the purpose. So, bad breath is natural during the first few days of detoxification. However, you can deal with it by chewing on mint, cloves, or guava leaves. When you hold on to the detox program for about a week, your breath issue disappears as the body now has fewer toxins than it had before. In addition, if you are on a colon cleansing program, it further helps with the mouth odor.