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7 Healthy Grab ‘n’ Eat Ideas

Grab ‘n’ eat foods require no preparation or clean up. Unhealthy grab ‘n’ eat foods like crackers, granola bars, and cookies, are very hard to resist.

The quick jolt of energy you get from simple carbs may help you get through the next hour, but it won’t help you in the long run for energy and blood-sugar balance.

Keep healthy grab ‘n’ eat foods on hand to avoid eating unhealthy foods at home. Try to get a combination of protein and fiber at each meal and snack. Here are some healthy options:

1. Fruit

Any fruit that you can grab and eat, like apples, bananas… Whether fresh in season or freeze-dried, eating fruit is an excellent way to satisfy your sweet tooth with something healthier than a transfat-filled pastry or donut. Bananas, apples, and grapes are particularly easy to transport and require no preparation to eat. If you opt for dried apricots, mangoes, cranberries, or other fruit, be careful what you choose; some brands pack in way too much sugar.

2. Protein or meal bar

Protein or meal bars (not optimal nutrition, but a healthier alternative than chips, cookies, and crackers). It is the perfect alternative to a candy bar if you want something sweet. Plus, protein bars make you feel fuller longer and don’t pack all the sugar of a candy bar. Compare labels before you buy to find one with the most protein and the least amount of fat and sugar.

3. Nuts and seeds

Because of the high-fat content in nuts and seeds, some people debate whether these actually make for a healthy snack. Rest assured that the fat is mostly monounsaturated fat, which is good enough for you that it may reduce your risk for heart disease! Just like everything else, eating these in moderation is the key. Choose unsalted varieties to help limit your sodium intake.

4. Hard-boiled eggs

Without a kitchen to cook fresh eggs, pack a container of hard-boiled eggs to supply you with a quick low-calorie, high-protein snack to boost your energy level. Hard-boiled eggs are rich in protein, and they make a great grab-and-eat snack.

5. Veggies

Carrots and celery sticks are some of the easiest grab-n-eat veggies for those people who don’t have time to prepare their meal. A container of hummus or peanut butter serves as a healthier dip option than ranch dressing. Plus, hummus comes in a variety of tasty flavors.

6. Quick oats

Quick oats are a rich in soluble fiber, protein, and vitamins. These oats are mainly used to prepare instant hot cereal, also known as instant oatmeal. Quick cooking oats are rolled oats that have been finely chopped into smaller pieces, allowing them to absorb water more quickly, so they need less cooking time than an old fashioned oat.

7. Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to eat more fruits and they’re easy to make. A basic smoothie is just yogurt, frozen fruit, low-fat milk or and 100% fruit juice, mixed together in a blender until well combined. Experiment with different fruits to find out what you like. You can even add fresh veggies to your grab’ n eat smoothie!