Michael Pollan's Food Rules

5 Essential Books About Healthy Eating

When there is a question about healthy food, many of us think that we know all, but you wold be surprised how little we know, so start by educating yourself about food.

The goal in healthy eating is not just to lose a few pounds, and that quickly get it back, but to become a better, happier version of who you are now. So this is the list of books that can really change your life to better:

1. Food Matters: Mark Bittman

It includes more than 500 recipes and easy approach to everything in the kitchen. He presents a way of eating more plants while cutting back on junk food and animal products. He’s simply pointing out that people eat far more meat than they need from a nutritional standpoint. If we would cut back even occasionally on our burgers and buckets of fried chicken, both of our bodies and our planet would be a lot healthier.

2. Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan

For anyone concerned about health and food, this author offers this great handbook. Whether at the restaurant or at the supermarket, this is the perfect guide for people who always wonder, “What should I eat”? He focuses on the Western diet that most of us now are eating and the one diet that reliably makes its people sick! People who get off the Western diet see dramatic improvements in their health, and this book will help you to prepare easily to a new healthy life.

3. The Natural Food Kitchen: Jordan Bourke

This author forces on naturally healthy cooking, using alternatives to refined and processed ingredients. This book is a great addition to almost any cookbook collection, ranging from family food to more advanced dishes for the seasoned cook. This book advocates the use of healthier alternatives to refined foods. It aims to satisfy the increasing demand for food that is not just beautiful and delicious, but what is most important it provides a way to find a health with the right food.

4. The Medicinal Chef: Healthy Every Day: Dale Pinnock

Dale feels passionate that making short-lived and difficult-to-follow diets is much harder path than to just change to the way you eat. The recipes are simple, tasty and healthy. With this book, it is easy to be healthy every day. It includes several healthy recipes for every lifestyle and every time of day. This author claims that breakfast is the first hurdle in a healthy diet as time pressures force us to eat quick junk food.

5. It Starts With Food: Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

The authors’ philosophy is not about restricting what you eat, but instead completely changing your relationship with food. Coming to an understanding that everything you put in your body will make you more healthy or less healthy. Their program has followed many people after which they lost weight, improved their quality of sleeping, energy levels, mood and also eliminated many of diseases and caused by unhealthy food.