spinach shrimp and avocado salad

5 Biggest Frustrations About Healthy Eating

In the end, healthy eating has many benefits but many frustrations occur when people really understand what is healthy eating and try it for real on themselves. These are the main frustrations about healthy eating:

1. People expect to lose weight overnight

It seems like there’s a new diet every week consumers have no clue who to trust about their health. And these are all pointed out to a group of people who share the same, though: the belief in quick fixes. But healthy eating is not a diet that fixes everything overnight, but it is more a new lifestyle than a diet, that is not focused on losing weight overnight, but through months and years.

2. Many think that as ‘you can eat all the time as long as it has a ‘healthy’ label ‘

Seed, avocados are healthy food but low in calories they are not. Of course, it is better to eat 200 calories of avocado then 200 calories of chocolate cookies made with the grain, but that doesn’t give you the free will to eat as many as you can. You can control portions by choosing already portioned foods if you find that you have trouble in choosing reasonable portion sizes.

3. The risk of poor nutrition

Not having enough of the healthy foods we need each day and our poor eating habits can be even deadly if not controlled. These unhealthy eating habits can affect our nutrient intake, including carbohydrates, vitamins, protein and essential fatty acids. The point of healthy eating is to cover all what body needs. But we are often in a hurry all day so it is hard to make ourselves meal every day. That leads to many bad states in our body, like lower work capacity, stress, and tiredness. What may help is to have a big variety of healthy foods.

4. The healthy food is expensive

There are numerous rumors about that healthier foods are more expensive than less healthy foods. Foods low in calories have a higher price when the price is measured per calorie. Less healthy food is high in calories and has a low price per calorie. When measured on average portion size, dairy foods, vegetables, fruit, the price of that food is lower when comparing with the products that contain a high amount of additives, sugars, saturated fat and protein foods.

5. The time frustration

Because of our job and other commitments, we know that today the time is the most important problem in our life. The biggest advantage in taking non-healthy foods is the time, of course. Because in order to cook a healthy meal every day, it takes a much more time to make it. Also, that food contains no additives, so the healthy food spoils much sooner than the food that you buy in the supermarket, which also causes frustrations. But people must accept it because the health must be a priority.