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7 Foods That’ll Wake You Up

We all know how it is hard to get up every morning. In times like these most of us grab a cup of coffee to wake us up. Did you know coffee isn’t the only thing that can wake you up?

Sure, coffee is good and it will wake you up, but if you don’t like coffee, there are some healthy alternatives to coffee. There are healthy foods that can wake us up and keep us awake throughout the day. Read on to see our list of top 7 healthy foods that will certainly wake you up:

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is the most common food in the workplace, so it is very important in terms of energy gained. Yogurt is high in probiotics, which help your body to absorb minerals and provide energy throughout the day. Replace your French fries for a tasty yogurt of your choice, any you will wake up much faster.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is still one of the best foods that will wake you up. Oatmeal is an energy and powerhouse. It is a protein-rich source that provides energy and calories. Oatmeal is slow burning, and that means you can run all day without causing spikes in your blood sugar in a couple of hours like sweet drinks can.

3. Chia seeds

Those tiny seeds are high in brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids, which can help you feel better and have more overall energy. Chia seeds can hold more than ten times their weight in water and they absorb it, which can speed up digestion process, making energy while keeping you awake.

4. Edamame

This tasty bean is a great healthy snack that you can take with you anywhere. Take a handful of these nutritious snacks with you in a plastic bag and eat whenever you feel tired or hungry, cook some of these tasty seeds for about a minute, salt to taste, and eat these nutritious beans.

5. Water

When you open your eyes, water can wake you up by energizing your bloodstream, and everything else in your body. If you drink your water first thing in the morning, you’ll have a refreshing start to the day. Bring you water everywhere with you and drink at least 3 glasses a daily. Water can keep your body hydrated and gives your brain the energy for all brain functions.

6. Dark chocolate

Thanks to the ingredients, dark chocolate have a positive effect on blood circulation and can reduce the inflammation that can cause a stroke and heart attack. Also, a few studies have found that people who ate dark chocolate within 2 months were much fresher that those who ate regular chocolates or other snacks.

7. Eggs

Eggs can be eaten at any time of the day, in a breakfast, smoothie, or as a snack, the protein in eggs gives you energy without causing spikes in blood sugar. Rich in vitamins and minerals, they can give you long-lasting energy. Their amino acids help the body use energy, while their high protein content helps to preserve your muscle tissue. Eggs are low in calories and easy to make, making them a great choice for an energy boost.