5 Fresh Herbs You Never Knew You Need

Most of the herb species worldwide offer potent medical powers. Herbs contain plants derived nutrient substances, which help your body to fight against many diseases, toxins and boost your immunity (anti-oxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals).

Herbs are a great addition to food (especially organic herbs), not just because of their flavor, but they also offer many health benefits. But there are some herbs that you can use, that you never knew you can:

1. Gymnema

The main health benefit of fresh Gymnema is that it has anti-diabetic properties, which means it can lower your blood sugar and prevent your insulin spikes. This is really important if you have diabetes, but it also provides health benefits for anyone. This herb also can lower the levels of lipids (fats) in your body and has anti-atherosclerotic benefits, meaning it can keep your arteries from getting clogged. It can also protect you from stroke, heart disease, and other health issues.

2. Fresh Anise

This herb is probably the earliest herbs used as a herbal medicine. It has been consumed for its medicinal and cookery qualities. This herb helps to keep a healthy digestive system. It promotes expectoration, so it is it’s great for the management of a cough, together with asthma. Besides its seeds, fresh anise also provides a plenty of health benefits. Fresh anise tea is incredibly valuable in preventing sleeping disorders if consumed after every meal or even before you go to sleep.

3. Fresh Chamomile

There is nothing better than a cup of a cup of tea with fresh chamomile flowers from your own garden. Before it was known as a culinary staple and a famous tea, chamomile was used mainly for medicinal properties. This tea is traditionally used before going to sleep as a natural anxiolytic, which helps with depression and body and mind. You can find chamomile from May through September. It grows all over the world. You can also mix this herb into a cocktail, or in your smoothie.

4. Fresh Dandelion

This plant has sharply pointed green leaves. Its leaves grow in clusters. It grows almost everywhere in the world. Dandelions usually grow on meadows, lawns, vacant lots, and forests. Varieties of this plant can be even found in the tundra, the desert, and everywhere except higher mountain areas. Fresh dandelions can be used in smoothies, salads, or as a side dish. The flowers can also be eaten raw.

5. Stevia

This healthy sugar alternative is very easy to grow on your own and is used as a herbal medicine for many years by Latin American natives. Today stevia products re very popular and are used for many purposes. They can be found as processed or pure stevia sweeteners. They are used mostly because of their raw sweet leaves in teas, or even in the kitchen for cooking and baking. This healthy plant is much sweeter than sugar, but with no carbohydrates or calories. You can grow your own stevia and use fresh stevia to make a nice tea.