7 Health Benefits Of Beetroot

Beets are one of the most nutrient packed foods in the world. This vegetable is very popular in Scandinavian, Eastern European and Russian cuisine. This plant in grows best in cool and temperate regions.

Beets have a dark red flesh and a sweet flavor. Beets can be used in soups and salads. You can even make a delicious beetroot smoothie! In addition to being tasty, this vegetable also has numerous health benefits:

1. It helps keep your digestive system healthy

Because of their high fiber content, they can help fight infections and various stomach disorders. A high-fiber diet can help promote colon and digestive health by flushing waste out of the system. Fiber can also help maintain regular bowel movements.

2. Beets can help to lower your risk of cancer

Beets contain betalains that have many desirable biological activities (antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties). Several studies have found that people who eat beets are less likely to develop colon and stomach cancers. Betalains have been shown to lessen tumor cell growth. In comparison to other vegetables, the betalains provide a more varied and higher antioxidant value.

3. This vegetable can reduce high blood pressure

A recent study has shown that that people who drank beet juice on a daily basis had lower blood pressure. These people also experienced a 20% improvement in blood vessel dilation capacity and about a 10% reduction in arterial stiffness. Beets are packed with natural nitrates which your body can turn into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a natural compound that helps relax your blood vessels. It can also help improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

4. Beets can help increase muscle strength

Numerous studies have found that drinking beet juice every day may improve exercise performance by increasing blood flow to the exercising muscles. These findings may be especially important for athletes and people with metabolic, cardiovascular or respiratory diseases.

5. It can reduce our risk of developing dementia

Drinking beetroot juice has been shown to improve oxygenation to the brain. Consuming beetroot juice on a daily basis can improve the blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain. Drinking beetroot juice can reduce the risk of developing dementia.

6. They can boost your energy and lower

Beets can also be a great way to naturally increase energy. At the same these vegetables are low in calories. They are a great addition to any diet. They are packed with nutrients and they are amazingly delicious. And even more, beets are a wonderful weight loss food!

7. Beets can reduce your risk for developing osteoporosis

Researchers have found that drinking beetroot juice can reduce your risk for developing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis causes immense pain in the bones. Calcium deficiency plays a role in the development of osteoporosis. Silicon is used for weak bones (osteoporosis). Beets contain the mineral silica. The mineral silica helps your body to utilize the calcium more effectively. This mineral is also used to help maintain thick shiny hair and strong nails.