Tofu Scramble with Mushrooms

8 Vegan Breakfast Ideas

On a busy morning, it can be hard to make breakfast. As we get ready for work the most important meal of the day usually falls to the wayside.

Also, sometimes the problem isn’t time. After a while, the bowl of cold cereal gets pretty boring. If you want a breakfast slump, kickstart your morning routine with these vegan breakfast ideas.

You have probably heard many times that breakfast is important to eat, but what is so special about this morning meal? It might seem to you that starting the day with a meal is a waste of calories, especially if you’re trying to loose some pounds, but in reality, breakfast helps rev up your metabolism, so you burn a lot of calories throughout the day.

When you wake up your body has been fasting for about 8 hours, and breakfast reminds your brain that you don’t need to go into starvation mode, and it gives you the fuel to have a productive morning. The trick is to make healthy breakfast full of veggies, healthy protein, whole grains, and fruits.

1. Sweet potatoes

A simple baked sweet potato is very nutritious and so satisfying (not to mention that it is portable for people on the go). Also, you can dress it up with nuts and maple syrup. Make sure that you look up for other recipes, too.

2. Breakfast bars

You can have breakfast bars to fuel you throughout the whole week with a little advance planning. You can choose Crispy Breakfast Bars with dried fruit and puffed cereal from Vegetarian Times, as well as pumpkin seed, coconut, and almond Gluten Free Breakfast Bars from Elana’s Pantry.

3. French toast

That’s right, vegans can eat French toast. Try using ingredients such as silken tofu, apple butter, bananas, or soy milk instead of eggs and milk.

4. Rice

In many Asian cultures, rice is one of the most common breakfast ingredients. We recommend the idea of going with healthy brown rice, and if you simmer it with rice milk or apple juice for a pudding or sweet porridge you will have one healthy and delicious breakfast.

5. Idlis

Made from urad dal and fermented rice these savory, fluffy South Indian cakes are usually served for breakfast with sambar or chutney.

6. Quinoa

Quinoa is usually mentioned in the context of dinner. There are many delicious recipes with quinoa, so we think it’s destined to become one of your favorite foods for breakfast. Look for the recipes and make a great, healthy breakfast.

7. Scrambled tofu

This is one of the endlessly adaptable favorite. Crumble up some tofu (firm, silken, extra firm, or whatever you prefer as long as you press and drain it in case it’s packed in water) and sauté it with spices, vegetables, or herbs. Also, look for another recipe for this amazing food.

8. Vegan brunch

It is also important to mention the homestyle favorites such as pancakes, waffles, and omelets. There are a lot of recipes, and make sure that you look up for them to make a delicious and healthy breakfast for yourself and your family.