9 Cheap And Healthy Foods You Can Eat Every Day

For most people, food bill is the biggest bill they’ve got already before we add healthy into the equation. Many people spend half of the money they earn monthly on food alone, so there is no surprise it’s such a sensitive subject. However, it doesn’t have to be. There is a way to eat healthily and well and still keep the food bill low. Here is our list of cheap and healthy foods you can eat every day.

1. Vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes and fresh mixed greens

There are many people who think that in order to eat healthily they have to eat a lot of vegetables and since buying vegetables is expensive, many of them don’t. Fresh produce turns fast and you will end up throwing it away.

Therefore, buying too much at once doesn’t make any sense. Buy not more than 3 types of vegetables in one trip. Sometimes buy mixed greens instead of whole. Even though you’re paying more for less, you’re likely to eat these since they are ready and only need some seasoning and oil. Since they have next to no shelf life and have to be sold fast, mixed greens can often be bought discounted.

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