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9 Habits That Are Harmful To Your Body

We all have days when we feel bad for apparently no reason, but actually, it’s our own fault. We are the ones who harm our own bodies, and most of the time we’re not even aware of it. If you’re doing anything from this list, you need to change it immediately.

1. Going To Bed Late And Getting Up Early

This bad habit is very common, and you can get used to it fast because of the fast pace life we’re all living. Your body needs rest to function properly and to maintain weight. Stay away from alcohol before sleep and drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated overnight.

2. Dehydration

Dehydration will make you sluggish; it will cause a headache, muscle cramps, and dizziness. Most of us drink water when we’re thirsty, but when we reach that point, we’re already 2% dehydrated (which is very bad even though it doesn’t sound like it). Always carry a bottle of water with you and drink water often.

3. Skipping Breakfast

Every eight grownup skips breakfast. Many of us think that we should either eat a lot or nothing at all. If you don’t have a time for s good breakfast, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat at all. Healthy breakfast boosts your metabolism, and you don’t need anything special to have a nice breakfast. All you need is something like fresh fruit, toast or maybe oatmeal.

4. Not Using Dental Floss

If you’re already brushing your teeth, you can spare some time to clean them with dental floss. You probably won’t need more than five minutes.

5. Eating Late

When you get tired after a long day, you usually eat something that’s easy to prepare and most of the time you fill yourself to the top. When you get hungry late, it is usually caused by thirst and tiredness, so try drinking glass or two of water and wait to see if the hunger persists.

6. Constantly Doing The Same Exercises

If you’re doing the same workout each day, your body gets used to the routine. Speed up the pace, increase the weight and try something new.

7. Not Using The Suntan Lotion

Melanoma is the most common type of cancer among women. Even people who use suntan lotion do not apply it properly. Always apply the suntan lotion properly and use it regularly.

8. Huge Purse

Women often carry a lot of unnecessary stuff in their purse. Carrying the heavy purse on one shoulder makes you bent which can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. If you have a lot of stuff which you need to carry around everywhere you go, get a backpack, but the smartest thing you can do is get a small purse and keep only necessary things.

9. Going From One Diet To Another

Every diet which starves you, untested diet or diet pills, have a negative effect on your body. The key thing you need to do is eat healthily.