Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Diet- Latest Trend Among Hollywood Stars

After just three days on this diet, you’ll feel more energized, and this meal plan will remove all toxins from your body left by fast food

World beauties on a red carpet show their toned bodies thanks to this amazing diet. Jennifer Aniston and her friends Gwyneth Paltrow, Kirsten Dunst and fashion icon Victoria Beckham, are just a few of the famous women which followed this diet and got in amazing shape.

This diet is totally different compared to all diets you tried before, and it is based on the balance of acidic and alkaline ingredients.

By following his diet you’ll be able to erase all the bad effect left by protein, processed and fast food, caffeine, sugar, and grains. It is mainly intended for people who are stressed a lot and whose diet doesn’t contain a lot of vegetables.

You should eat 75% of alkaline and 25% of the acidic food. You’ll know that you eat too much acidic food if you feel tired, lack energy, have dry hair and skin, if you feel nervous and have frequent headaches and if you have issues with digestion. Eating too much of acidic foods can cause some serious conditions like gastritis, neuritis, and obesity.

25% of your diet should consist of these ingredients:

Beef, pork, tuna, sardines, meat, crabs, clams, and other processed meats…, plums, cranberries, cherries, tangerines, pineapple, pomegranate, raspberries, apples, peaches, fresh and dry apricot, blueberry, blackberry, grapefruit, strawberries… You’ll have to get rid of some ingredients, but you won’t count calories, which is another reason why this diet is so popular. You can eat acidic and alkaline foods, you just have to pay attention to proportion, alkaline must be dominant.

Try to avoid greasy foods, products from flour like bread, and dark teas. Coffee in combination with cigarettes makes your body acidic and sodas are rich in phosphorus which, in big amounts, causes calcium loss.

75% of your diet should consist of these ingredients:

Seaweed, onions (all kinds), endive salad, ginger, broccoli, potatoes, mushrooms, cauliflower, eggplant, chard, kale, chives, coriander, carrots, celery, kohlrabi, beets, artichokes, fresh pepper, camphor, pear, paprika, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, radish, cucumber, dandelion, watermelon, pumpkin…
Avocado, banana, coconut, figs, lemon, orange, pear, mango, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, chestnut, almond, avocado oil, linseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame seeds, capers, basil, soybeans, barley, oats, soft flour, lentils, millet, soy milk, sea salt, cinnamon, soy sauce, green tea, apple vinegar, ginger tea…

After just three days you should feel more energized, but to get full results you should stick to this diet for 8 weeks. In these 8 weeks, you should eat as many vegetables as possible, avoid red meat, and eat as much fish as possible. Use olive oil and drink water with lemon juice.

Menu suggestion for one day

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with onions, tomatoes and yellow paprika. One cup of ginger tea.
Brunch: One fruit, handful of pumpkin seeds.
Lunch: Lentil soup with 2 cups of boiled vegetables (broccoli, kale, carrots). Add olive oil on vegetables or eat salmon with mixed vegetable salad. Add lemon juice to it.
Snack: Boiled egg with sea salt and parsley. Red paprika, celery or carrot sticks. You can also add a handful of almonds.
Dinner: Fish, chicken, or other meat served with potatoes and mixed salad.