Green apple

10 Metabolism-Boosters

According to many experts, a fast metabolism is the first step towards good health. By implementing these foods into your daily eating routine, you’ll be able to boost your metabolism and burn calories.

1. Green apple

Green apple is a first and basic fruit which stimulates our metabolism. Eat them every day and see your metabolism improve drastically. Best time to eat them is around 3 PM because that’s the time when your system gradually slows down.

2. Protein shakes

When it comes to protein shakes, you need to choose carefully, but the good natural protein shakes contain amino acids which are great for burning calories.

3. White fish

When it comes to fish, the whiter it is, the better it is for your metabolism. Fish which is completely white and soft is best. Those properties will ensure that it goes through your digestive system easily.

4. Chicken

Proteins are usually good to boost your metabolism and chicken is one of them. It doesn’t really contain as much protein as the fish but it’s still a very good choice. You just need to make sure that it’s not the fried chicken because it might give you opposite results.

5. Green vegetables

We’ve been taught since we were little that vegetables are good for your health and that is very true. You can balance your diet by implementing certain vegetables into your meals. If you want to speed up your metabolism, kale, lettuce and spinach are best, even better than broccoli.

6. Black coffee

If you are a true coffee drinker, you already know that coffee is a great metabolism booster. It is actually the oldest recipe for burning excess weight. Keep in mind that if you want to use coffee as a metabolism booster, you need to drink it without any additives like cream or sugar which will prevent calorie burn.

7. Egg white

We already said that proteins are great when it comes to burning calories. Egg white doesn’t contain any fat and it is one of the best protein sources- that is exactly what your metabolism needs.

8. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a fruit with many benefits, but it’s also known to be a great food to speed up your metabolism. It stimulates and cleanses your liver, making it function better. It is a very beneficial fruit and you can buy it at any store.

9. Green tea

When it comes to healthy ingredients, green tea is one of the most known. It is good for your health in many ways, and you should drink it on an everyday basis. Green tea will speed up your metabolism and it will also help you burn calories. It is important that you eat regularly and that you drink green tea between your meals. The ideal thing would be if you sipped it during your meals after each couple of bites.

10. Spices

Many spices are good for your health, but besides that, if you spice up your food well, you’ll need less food to get full. Spicy peppers and dried red paprika lower high blood sugar and burn calories. Ingredients like this will ensure that your metabolism works like a clock.