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5 Tips On How To Distinguish Good From Bad Nutritional Advice

The great and awful thing about nutrition is that it’s a science that is still evolving. More research and studies are done and as we learn new things, we need to adapt our way of thinking.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to nutrition for humans. We’re just not that similar. Everyone is unique and has to create his own plan and listen to a good advice. So what is the difference between a good bad advice?

1. Focus on experts

It can be challenging for consumers to know off all nutrition claims and information which one is good. When you see the claims that sound too good to be true, a promise of a quick fix solution, recommendations based on a single study or putting information from another product to match the producer’s claims, then you should avoid these products. Only a serious experts with studies lasted for years can provide a good information.

2. Weight loss frauds

Some products or treatments may lead to weight-loss, but the effect is not permanent. Also, this diets don’t provide adequate calories or nutrients and can be harmful. Before they are placed on the market, most of the dietary supplements are not tested by the government. The only safe way to lose pounds is to decrease food that we take and increase exercising or moving. In order to determine a safe and effective weight loss program to lose weight, the best is to consult registered professionals.

3. The simple the better

Too many companies make foods these days and claim that they’re healthy, but they’re so far from their natural states. It’s hard to believe they could really be good for us. The truth is that we didn’t see the effects of long-term consumption studies. We can say that the main rule in nutrition is “The simpler is better”. The fewer the ingredients, the healthier the food is. In fact, the best food doesn’t have a label at all.

4. Money and food supplements

Many supplements verified by studies are made by pharmaceutical companies in order to make money. When news outlets report the results of these studies, they often use sensational headlines to get more people to read, and their profit rises. So whenever you can avoid supplements in order to stay healthy and really lose some weight. The best thing you can do is to look for the natural food no matter how long it takes and how expensive because our health has no price.

5. Search information

In the age of the internet, it’s easy for everyone to put information out there. But a simple rule is that unless someone is the undeniable expert on a topic, it is a good idea to determine the validity of an article by looking for the author’s list of sources. If someone will not provide you with the source of their argument, then they are ignorant or they are trying to hide something or produce a spin that favorably helps their cause.