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4 Low Calorie Foods You Can Use To Kill Hunger

The best way to kill hunger and prevent overeating is to eat food that suppresses appetite. The high-fiber and high-protein food need more time to be digested by the body.

You must consume food that helps you to lose weight without always feeling hungry. Here are some low-calorie foods to help keep you feeling full and satisfied for a longer time.

1. Oranges

For the best hunger killer, researchers say that the best food is the one rich in soluble fiber and low in low-calories, like oranges. For the same amount of calories, oranges are twice as filling as bananas according to the satiety index.

They are more filing because they contain a higher fluid content, that helps to increase the portion size without adding calories. Rich in Vitamin C, which helps your body to process fats faster, oranges contains an essential amino acid, carnitine, to speed up your body’s fat-burning capacity.

2. Air popped popcorn

There are many commercial popcorn brands that contain chemical additives, and sadly, these often tend to be crammed full of unpleasant toxins. We talk about microwave popcorn with different additives that you must avoid. You can only eat the one and only healthy popcorn, air popped popcorn with no additives.

High in fiber and low in calories keeps your mouth and digestive system busy as you trick your mind into eating longer. Three cups of popcorn contain no more than 100 calories. Popcorn also contains more antioxidants than all the vegetables and fruit that we consume daily. Moreover with these antioxidants, eating popcorn can prevent cardiovascular health problems and fight off cancers.

3. Nuts

A popular myth is that nuts contain big amounts of fat, and that fat causes to gain some extra pounds, but on the contrary, the high fat and protein content from nuts kills hunger. The best choice of all is almonds and peanuts. Almonds don’t need any extras to be a satisfying snack. They contain the highest amount of nutrients, among all nuts.

And peanuts, because of the high amount of fiber and protein, helps you feel satisfied. A handful of these vitamin and mineral-rich nuggets will hold you over between meals. Nuts contain fat, even though it is the healthful monounsaturated kind, people should not consume more than a handful a daily. Also, the positive thing is that nuts help with health problems like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

4. Tofu

Tofu acts like a great substitute for meat, with its high amount of minerals, calcium, and protein. This food product is made from soy and contains protein isoflavone ( genistein ) which suppress our appetite. It is made from soy milk and it is rich in calcium and protein.

There are two types of tofu firm and soft, and it is a main food in the Asian cooking. You can relax and eat it without being worried about your weight. In addition, besides suppressing our hunger, it can help with some health issues, for example with bad cholesterol levels.