Asparagus Risotto

12 Healthy Dishes You Must Try This Spring

This spring enjoy the fresh flavors of the season dishes. Artichokes, morels, baby beets, asparagus and more are all great seasonal recipes and fresh garden bounty to remind you that spring has begun.

1. Chicken salad and warm snow pea

The crunchy texture of thinly sliced snow peas and sweet taste combined with a creamy Asian dressing makes this salad so special.

2. Lima beans and lemon-mint snap peas

Lemon-mint vinaigrette dresses up lima beans and snaps peas in a hurry. A perfect counterpart to the crunch of the sugar snap peas is the creamy texture of limas. You can try this vinaigrette with green beans and asparagus, too.

3. Asparagus and radish salad

This radish salad and colorful asparagus are dressed with a sesame-soy vinaigrette. Combine it with rice noodles and grilled shrimp.

4. Chicken with leek sauce and creamy dill

This creamy roast chicken recipe was based on a dish from Turkey, where whole fish are cooked on a bed of dill and potatoes. Filling and comforting, this healthy chicken recipe is the excellent choice for a dill enthusiast, but other herbs work just as well, such as thyme or parsley.

5. Chicken and strawberry salad

You can work strawberries into a main dish, and not just as a dessert. This recipe is easy to make and it requires no-cook. The chicken and strawberry salad combine tangy vinaigrette, sweet strawberries, rich blue cheese, and moist chicken.

6. Asparagus sauté and morel mushroom

Blanching the asparagus helps set its texture and color. Buy un-shriveled, firm morels which are dry, not slimy, and free of excessive dirt to ensure the best taste and cut down on preparation time in the kitchen.

7. Rhubarb apple pie

Fresh rhubarb is the best dish for this time of the year. Therefore, take advantage of the seasonal fresh flavor and dish up the homemade pie.

8. Farfalle with morel mushrooms, fava beans, and mascarpone

You can also use edamame and shiitake mushrooms, which are the good year-round alternatives to springtime fava beans and morels.

9. Radishes in lemon and browned butter

An easy and fast side to combine with a weeknight main dish. When doused in butter and tangy lemon juice, these radishes taste exquisite.

10. Blood orange salad with blue cheese and roasted baby beets

In case blood oranges are not available, you can use 3 large navel oranges in order to retain the same fresh flavor in this spring salad.

11. Tomato penne salad with goat cheese and roasted asparagus

Combine roasted asparagus, arugula, herbes de Provence, tomato, penne pasta, and goat cheese and toss it with a lemony vinaigrette in order to make an upscale pasta salad. Serve it immediately or cover it and let it chill for two hours for a cold pasta salad.

12. Spring asparagus risotto

One of the first signs of spring in the garden is asparagus which is popping out of the soil. Although the day is warming up, the nights are still chilly, and that is an excellent time for a warm bowl of rich asparagus risotto.