Hula Chicken Sandwich

12 Healthy Grilling Ideas

Warm weather inspires us to cook on the grill. Anything grilled has a smoky, unique flavor, and grilling is a super-fast cooking method.

The grill can develop rich, complex flavor in standard dishes, such as chicken and burgers and in nontraditional dishes, such as desserts and pizzas.

Here is our list of healthy grilling ideas for all of you who want to cook on the grill during this warm weather season.

Steak sandwich with grilled onions

There is no doubt that this is the ultimate steak sandwich. Marinated grilled flank steak is combined with ripe tomato, peppery arugula leaves, and hefty slices of grilled onion.

Mojito-rubbed chicken with grilled pineapple

There is nothing better than sipping an ice-cold mojito at your barbecue. Add to your usual grilled chicken some mojo with the essence of lime and mint. Garnish with some sweet grilled pineapple.

Lemon-mint chicken cutlets on watercress

This chicken-on-salad creation is fresh and fast to prepare. Peppery watercress does a great job at balancing the perky, mint-infused dressing.

Curried chicken with mango and cantaloupe slaw

Ginger, yogurt, curry and cilantro combine to create a great dressing and marinade for this zesty and healthy grilled chicken salad.

Summer squash and chicken

Charred taste of grilled chicken thighs adds depth of flavor. By marinating the cheapest and tastiest part of the bird in a zesty lemon mixture, take it one step further. This dish is super-quick to prepare with grilled squash.

Corn and pepper jack quesadillas

Do you want to eat cheesy quesadilla but you are concern about the added fat? Well, don’t worry. This recipe includes low-fat Monterey jack and reduced-fat tortillas. You can also go for whole grain and boost your fiber while enjoying this tasty app.

Ginger-garlic shrimp with tangy tomato sauce

A piquant mix of garlic, basil, lemon juice, parsley, and ginger, which is the marinade for these shrimp, would be equally good with chicken or pork. The dipping sauce is almost chutney-like with chunks of whole tomatoes. Lime juice and Lemongrass add tang.

Tilapia and summer vegetable packets

Wrapping fish and vegetables in a foil packet for baking or grilling is a foolproof way to get tender, moist results. Summer vegetables and tilapia pair with capers and olives for a Mediterranean flair.

Turkey cutlets with melon salsa

Looking for the perfect light, fresh summer dinner? Well, prosciutto-wrapped turkey with a sweet and spicy salsa is what you have been searching for. Make sure when buying your turkey cutlets to get a thicker cut than the thin scaloppines.

Fish steaks with grilled fennel, red peppers, and onions

Everything goes on the grill for this great, summer supper. Tilefish, grouper, or cod steaks pair well with grill-friendly vegetables, such as onions and peppers.

Grilled scallops with honeydew-avocado salsa

Try combining sweet honeydew melon and buttery avocado in a fruity, healthy topping, instead of using traditional tomato-based salsa with grilled scallops.

Spiced pork tenderloins with mango salsa

Chicken is a fast go-to dinner option. However, don’t forget the other white meat which is moist and lean. Pair tangy mango-kiwi salsa with this spice-rubbed pork tenderloin.