Brown Rice

7 Great Alternatives To Oats

If you eat too much of any food, no matter how delicious, you grow tired of its taste. A variety in diet is the key to being healthy and happy too.

Most of us love oatmeal, but after having it so much, we decided to investigate new foods grain cereals to have instead oats to add some variety. We simply crave a healthy alternative, and the following are all great candidates!

1. Buckwheat

This grain is not actually related to wheat at all, which makes it gluten free. It is a very good protein and fiber source. Buckwheat can be prepared in a lot of ways. It can be used like rice or porridge. It cooks relatively fast (under 15 mi) and the preparation as a breakfast cereal requires slightly more milk or water than regular preparation. Check the label for specific instructions. It is available at almost any health food store.

2. Brown rice

It’s a tough job to evaluate brown rice for its health benefits because there are so many. Maybe the benefit of greatest distinction is that this rice is high in antioxidants to such a degree, it rivals the acclaimed antioxidant kings like strawberries and blueberries. And even more, this food contains a slow releasing volume of sugars, which studies have shown, can lower the individual’s risk of developing diabetes by 60% when they eat at least a cup daily.

3. Millet

Millet’s high in magnesium, which directly cuts your risk of getting headaches and migraines. And even more, the healthy carb source is both allergen-free and gluten-free, which makes this a well-worthy selection for some of the more sensitive people. These are all good reasons for you to consume millet as part of your new and improved healthy breakfast diet.

4. Spelt

Maybe spelts greatest beneficial property is its amount of manganese, which plays a cooperative role in creating a powerful antioxidant that protects your body against free radical damage. With its nutty flavor, spelt is great as an additional ingredient to breakfast muffins or you can eat it up plain with a pinch of cinnamon to deepen the food’s flavor complexity.

5. Quinoa

Throw quinoa in the mix of your day if you plan to visit the gym for a lifting and toning session. This grain comes impressively high in lysine, which is essential in the formation of new muscle. When prepared properly, quinoa has generally creamy and fluffy texture, which allows for it to pair well with berries and almonds in a breakfast bowl.

6. Wheat berries

Serve up these berries rich in vitamins with hones and yogurt for a great and inspired twist on your standard breakfast dish. The high fiber amount of wheat berries will leave you feeling full and energized well through the lunch time, so you get through your work day grind more easily. Just a quarter-cup of wheat berries contains 6.5 grams of protein, for only 163.5 low carb calories.

7. Teff

Many people suffer from anemia troubled by relentless and ferocious onslaughts of dizzying headaches and crippling fatigue. Doctors recommend medications and more of red meat to negate the effects and a chance at acquiring such a condition. And what’s the fun in taking pills for the sake of an increased iron intake? Instead, eat some Teff, which has a chestnut-like flavor with subtle undertones of hazelnut, and 20 % of your daily recommended iron per serving.