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8 Bad Points Of Processed Food

Processed foods are foods prepared through chemical or physical or treatments resulting in the food being much different from its original state.

A processed food is any food with added salts and other additives in order to give it longevity. Most of the processed foods are unhealthy. There are many bad points about processed foods and these are the top 8:

1. Processed foods are filled with pesticides

In order to grow the GMOs used in processed foods, conventional farmers use glyphosate together with other herbicides and pesticides, which all end up in the crop. Most of the breakfast cereals out there contain even 70 different types of pesticides, fumigation chemicals, and other toxic additives.

2. Processed foods are high in GMOs

The foundations of most processed food in markets today come from laboratories, not nature. Genetically-modified organisms (or GMOs) have been known to cause cancer, infertility and organ damage. High amounts of these foods cause weight gain, pollutes your bloodstream, and can permanently affect the composition and function of your gut.

3. Processed foods are addictive

Our internal organs process whole food much more efficiently than processed food. Processed food overstimulates the dopamine production (AKA the ‘pleasure’ neurotransmitter), which causes excessive cravings. Our mind becomes unable to resist the refined sugar and salt, so we continue eating processed foods in mass amounts, which leads to obesity and other health issues, like diabetes and cancer.

4. Whole foods are cheaper than processed foods

People think that fresh, organic food is too expensive. But, meals made from real food end up costing less per serving than unhealthy food. For example, a serving of pure organic chili made with fresh veggies and grass-fed beef is much cheaper than buying a can microwavable chili from the store.

5. More processing means more profits and the foods become unhealthier

Minimally processed foods like fresh fruits and veggies obviously aren’t where food companies look for profits. The big money stem from turning government-subsidized commodity crops, mostly wheat, corn, and soybeans, into processed unhealthy foods, snacks and drinks. High-profit foods derived from these commodity crops are generally low in nutritional value and high in calories.

6. Less-processed foods are more filling than highly processed foods

Fresh peaches are high in fiber and nutrients that are not present when they are processed into marmalade. And the added sugar or other sweeteners increase the calorie number without necessarily making the marmalade more filling. Peach juice, which is even more processed, has had almost all of the nutrients and fiber stripped out.

7. Processed foods cause inflammation

Studies show that refined sugars, vegetable oils, processed flours, and other unhealthy additives are responsible for this plague. The next time you are craving candy or a bag of potato chips, just think about how it’s increasing.

8. Refined foods ruin you from inside

These foods have been disassembled: their natural vitamins, enzymes, and fibers have been altered and removed so they will live longer on the shelf. They are processed to wreak havoc on our digestive system. Consumption of these foods will pollute our internal ecosystem, destroying beneficial bacteria and increasing infection.