Hiking near Slogen

7 Things You Should Know About Hiking

Hiking is the perfect hobby to keep you both, physically and mentally fit. Not only you’ll benefit from being more active, but you’ll feel much better and sleep better after spending time outside in fresh air.

But, if you’ve never hiked before, take baby steps if you need. For hiking are necessary, both physical and mental strength. So before going on your new hiking adventure, there are a few things that you should know.

1. Be prepared for your trip

Before picking your hiking location, call your friends and let them know and let them know your exact location. Do some research before the trip so you can easily find the nearest exits and areas where you can find water. You should always hike during the daytime, and get into camp after sunset.

2. Don’t hike alone

It is really not a good idea to travel alone, especially if you’re hiking for the first time, so ask your friend to join you. And you can also travel with your furry friend as well. Dogs can’t stay in every park so make sure that your park is dog-friendly.

3. Don’t forget to bring food and water

Don’t go on a hike without enough water in your backpack, and foods that will boost your energy. Besides the water and food, it is also advisable to bring some tools for purifying water you find along the way and learn some methods of water purification.

4. Wear hiking clothes

Before hitting the trails, you should check the weather forecast so you’ll be prepared. It is a must to bring some extra hiking clothes because the weather is so unpredictable. You must plan everything. You don’t want to end your hiking trip just because you didn’t pack your hiking clothes.

5. Bring some extra things

It is also a good idea to bring some extra clothes (except cotton). Also, you should never go hiking without your rain jacket. To be always prepared, start a fire during the day. You should also have a first-aid kit, food, water, whistle, matches, lighter, flashlight, knife, paper, and sunscreen, in your backpack. Make sure you have got all of them.

6. Prepare yourself physically

Hiking is usually not risky but may take you to extreme situations, so you must be prepared, both mentally and physically, before you go. You should prepare yourself in advance. Plan your trip in detail. If you don’t, you are going to end up end up hating hiking. Hiking is great if you want to expand your traveling options because you see many countries through this activity. And we can just admire to their natural beauty.

7. Don’t overload your backpack

People who are hiking for the first time usually either overpack or pack too little. A Too heavy backpack can hurt your back and can cause other medical problems. But, if your pack weight is reduced, that means that you didn’t bring all things. You must know how to carry your backpack properly on long distances.