Citrus fruits

8 Fat Burning Foods To Include In Your Diet Plan

You do not have to cut down on your diet necessarily when you want to lose weight. Start with replacing your processed and sugary menu with these 8 superfoods.

1. The favorite egg

Rarely is there someone who does not like eggs! This amazing source of protein and healthy cholesterol (just avoid the egg yolk) also has distinct fat burning abilities.

Essentially, eggs are rich in an amino acid leucine, which serves as a catalyst to burn extra fat. Dietitians recommend including one boiled egg in the daily menu to keep fat in control.

It is also very effective for satiety and helps you to keep the amount of food to a necessary minimum. It is a rich source of antioxidants as well; so, keeping your skin healthy and glowing from inside. They are also good Vitamin D sources. Studies conclusively prove Vitamin D deficiency leading to belly fat.

2. Lean meat

While you are still on the protein page of losing fat, include lean meat in your diet. Protein actually has a significant thermogenic effect.

To think of it, you can feel it personally always in the body warmth following an animal protein dish. Studies show protein foods take up about 30% of its calorie content from the body to metabolize.

So, a chicken breast of 300 calories will automatically burn 90 calories from your body. In fact, the latest craze of paleolithic fat burning diet depends on this capacity of protein foods. The paleolithic or caveman diet encourages people to try the food habits of the earliest hunter-gatherers to achieve weight loss.

3. Prawns

Next in list of the proteinaceous foods to lose weight are the prawns. Prawns derive their natural fiery red color from a natural compound called astaxanthin.

Studies show that this chemical actually triggers the use of fat as fuel for natural physical processes instead of the carbohydrates.

An occasional prawn dish can actually help in reducing your waistline. However, doctors also emphasize the fact that the body uses up astaxanthin most proactively during physical exercises. Do remember to include a few minutes of exercise at least every alternate day to keep the fat in control.

4. Oily fish

Fish dishes such as Mackerel, Salmon, and Tuna are helpful to the body in many ways. Firstly, they are heavy protein foods, thereby using up body calories for metabolism.

They are also rich sources of monosaturated and omega 3 fatty acids, that are very helpful in boosting the metabolism rate. They also help with an enhanced feeling of satiety and help dieters to regulate their meals. In fact, dietitians also indicate that oily fish can lower the levels of leptin, known as the ‘hunger hormone’.

5. Hot peppers

You know how peppers heat up the body! They are ‘hot’ not for no reasons! Essentially, the redness of a red chilli comes from a compound called capsaicin.

This wonderful fat burner melts excess calories to keep body weight in control. The compound actually raises your core body temperature, causing the heart to beat at a faster than usual rate.

This additional hike of blood pumping improves your metabolism. You can also achieve the same effect by adding hot sauces to your dishes. However, do not go overboard with all these heat as it can lead to ulcers in the stomach. Yes, spicy foods burn fat!

6. Beans

Beans make up the ideal vegan solution to stay in shape. Beans are rich in resistant starch that does not add to the daily calorie intake significantly.

Instead, it is associated with reduced fat storage and a sense of satiety by helping in balancing the blood sugar levels.

Besides, the natural fibers, beans also promote healthy bowel movement, thereby keeping the metabolism rate in balance. Remember to include beans in your diet if you do not want a fat burner that heats up your body.

7. Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in mineral and water content. In average, their calorific values are even less than that of fruits! They also deliver excellent fullness, keeping your hunger in control for a long gap between successive meals.

Besides, veggies such as broccoli also supply the body with natural fibers, helping in digestion and metabolism. Many vegetables have no fat in them and are rich in minerals. Do remember to include sumptuous amounts of tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, and peas in your daily food plan.

8. Fruits

Vegan dieters simply delight at the richness of fruits. These have significant natural benefits for the body. They are low in calorie content, high with vitamins and minerals.

They offer an excellent sense of satiety and can be ingested as juices. Fruit juices are actually staple foods of a detoxification diet. Detoxifying the body can be crucial in the first step of your definitive fat control regimen.

Citrus fruits are especially effective as they boost metabolism, and directly burn fats by the citric acid effect. Fresh limes, tangerines, kiwi, lemon, and orange are perfect for the purpose. Also, it turns out the apple from the Garden of Eden has excellent fat burning value.