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1800 Calorie Diet

Everything you avoided before to achieve your ideal weight, you can eat now without any regrets. Eat three huge meals a day and drink as much coffee as you want because you’re dealing with a crazy diet which you can implement only by implementing crazy ideas.

Skip breakfast, eat three huge meals later and enjoy your coffee. We’re talking about new diet which became so popular that recently climbed to the top-list of best-selling handbooks for losing weights, throwing off the famous Dukan diet.

Diet called “Six Weeks to OMG” by British author and fitness trainer Venice A. Fulton is a combination of scientific research and Fulton’s experience with famous clients, which he helped to lose weight and shape body. Compared to most other diets, Fulton doesn’t offer structural meal regime or recipes, but he says that his advice will enable you to lose five to ten kilograms in only six weeks. Here are his six steps to an ideal body.

1. Don’t eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal, right? According to Fulton, this is wrong. Scariest, but most important part of this diet is that you don’t eat breakfast for six weeks. When you go to bed, there is always a certain amount of energy in your body, some in your stomach, some in your blood, and some in your liver. Considering that your brain works while you sleep when you wake up that energy is going to be depleted. The result of this are signals which your brain sends, causing you to be hungry. If you want to lose fat reserves, you can’t eat breakfast.

Do not eat in the morning, move and exercise when your energy levels are low, and your body will burn more fat.

2. Take cold shower every morning

Cold morning showers will encourage your body to burn fat reserves and it will boost your metabolism for next 12 to 15 hours. Water temperature has to be between 15 to 20 Celsius and shower has to last at least 15 minutes. Don’t jump in right away, do it gradually and don’t try to warm up with hot shower, so you don’t pass out.
Warning: Changes in body temperature can affect blood pressure. Don’t take cold showers if you have cardiovascular issues, blood pressure or diabetes.

3. Unlimited amounts of coffee

After the cold shower, it’s time for coffee. Coffee is a natural drink which burns fat, and the secret is in caffeine. When you drink it on empty stomach, your body will get a signal to burn fat faster. Caffeine opens up fat cells, whose content goes into the blood stream. From there, fat goes into muscles and fuels them. But, you have to combine morning coffee with exercise. If you don’t do that, coffee will stay in blood and damage arteries with time. If you’re not really active, drink one small cup of coffee without any additives. Additives trigger insulin which signals the body that food is coming, and the fat burning process stops.

4. Start moving and don’t stop for 30 minutes

The combination of caffeine in blood and exercise will allow you to burn more fat. More muscles you use, the result will be better. Pick an activity you enjoy and don’t stop for 30 minutes. Results will be even better if you’re active outside, especially between 8 and 9 A.M. because natural light resets out biological clocks and it boosts production of vitamin D.

5. Start having lunch

Many diets tell you to eat often, but small portions. This improves metabolism and helps you lose weight. Fulton recommends three huge meals a day. Fat secures our body energy when we don’t eat, so you have to take bigger breaks between meals. You’ll also control your appetite better if you eat three times a day, without any snacks. It’s best to start eating around lunch time, and it would be ideal if your last meal is 2 hours before sleep.

6. Pay attention to carbohydrates

Every meal should contain at least 50% of protein. It might sound a lot, but proteins lower appetite and keep it under control for hours. The good choice would be chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, fish, eggs, yogurt, walnuts, seeds, lentil, and chickpeas. But, if you want to be skinny, you have to control the intake of carbs. Your goal should be no more than 12 grams, and even those carbs should be unrefined because they’ll make you feel full for longer and they maintain healthy blood sugar level.

Eat as much vegetable as you can. Avoid beans, beetroot, carrots, parsnip, potato, and corn. Do not eat more than three pieces of fruit a day, because of fructose blocks leptin effect, which signals your brain that you’re full. Eat greasy fish like salmon, sardines or mackerel two times a week. Drink water and green tea along with coffee in morning. Avoid soft drinks and alcohol.