Concern 12/11/08

7 Unexpected Reasons You Gain Weight

If your scale doesn’t reflect your healthy way of living, maybe there is a hidden reason behind it. Even though we can do a lot with right diet and exercise, there are still some things we can’t change. Take a look at these 7 health issues which can prevent you from getting into desirable shape.

1. Depression

Many anti-depressives can make you gain weight. If you’re depressed and you’re drinking certain medications, expect to gain some weight. Even if you’re not taking any medications, studies showed a clear connection between depression and obesity. The reason for that could be that sad people find their pleasure in sweets and greasy food.

Solution: If you are taking medications, consult your doctor; he can change your therapy so it doesn’t affect your weight. On the other side, if medications are not the issue, try exercising more with other people. Exercise will help you burn weight and when you’re surrounded by people, you’ll feel less depressed.

2. Wrong Medications

Many medications can affect your weight. On top of the list are hormones, so if you take birth control pills, pay attention. On the other side, steroids and beta blockers, which women with breast cancer use, can also have the undesirable effect.

Solution: Talk to your doctor as soon as you notice that you gain weight for no obvious reason. He will help you get medications which do not have that effect.

3. Slow Metabolism

Issues with digestive system can significantly affect your weight. It would be ideal if you had to “go” an hour after each meal, but once or twice a day is normal. If your metabolism is slow, maybe it is due to dehydration, medications, lack of fiber, or even lack of good flora in your intestines.

Solution: If constipation is your only problem, maybe probiotics could help you. Make sure that you’re hydrated and that you eat enough fruit and vegetables. You can even try fiber shakes which you can get at your local pharmacy.

4. Your Body Lacks Nutrients

Lack of vitamin D, magnesium or iron might jeopardize your immune system, metabolism, and energy levels. You might try to replenish your energy with coffee, candy or basic sugars. On the other side, if you don’t have energy, you probably don’t want to go jogging.

Solution: You can replenish iron by implementing meat and spinach in your diet. You can replenish magnesium by eating almonds or Brazil nuts. However, vitamin D is almost impossible to get from food, so you’ll need supplements, but you have to be careful, too much of those supplements can lead to kidney stones.

5. You Are Getting Old

This is one issue which you can’t avoid. In fact, we can’t burn as many calories when 40 as when we were 20, so you need some exercise and less food. Some studies proved that exercise is more important that diet when it comes to maintaining the healthy weight.

Solution: As we mentioned in previous article, not all calories are the same, try to stick to proteins and eat fewer carbohydrates.

6. Bone Pain

Many diseases which manifest through bone pain and joint pain are linked to weight gain. Logically, when you have painful joints, the last thing on your mind is exercise.

Solution: If your joints ache, choose exercises which don’t put a lot of pressure on them. In the end, you can always consult the physical therapist.

7. Cushing’s Syndrome

Gaining weight in combination with high blood pressure, osteoporosis and changes on the skin can be signs that your body is not using nutrients correctly. The problem could be hiding in the adrenal gland.

Solution: If you really suspect that this could be your problem, talk to your doctor. Few tests will show if this is your problem or not.