8 Health Benefits Of Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an annual plant grown widely in Europe and Asia. This plant produces tiny white flowers and hard, brown and angular seeds. This plant can be used in many forms.

Its leaves and seeds are used in many cuisines all over the world. Fenugreek is one of the main ingredients used in Indian cuisine. It also has some great health benefits:

1. Fenugreek helps keep digestive system healthy

By now you probably know that a healthy, well-functioning digestive tract is important to your overall health. The liver plays an important role in many digestive processes. Fenugreek has been shown to help people who suffer from indigestion, dysentery, dyspepsia and diarrhea, flatulence and sluggish liver.

2. It is good for diabetes prevention

Fenugreek is traditionally known for its anti-diabetic properties. Its seeds help control blood glucose levels in people with diabetes. A recent study has shown that people with (type 1) diabetes who consumed fenugreek seed powder on a daily basis significantly lowered their LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol and triglycerides and improved glucose tolerance.

3. It can help prevent and treat urinary disorders

There are many types of urinary tract disorders, and some of them can pose a serious threat to your health. Fenugreek is also a healthy alternative to drugs. Plus, it is affordable for everyone. Its leaves can help prevent many health problems like kidney infections, urinary problems, and many other health problems. Try incorporating more fenugreek in your daily diet. You can eve make your own fenugreek seed tea.

4. It is a natural appetite suppressant

Several studies have found that eating fenugreek seeds is an effective way to suppress your appetite and kill hunger pains. This helps in fat burning and weight loss. Just eat them in the morning on an empty stomach.

5. Fenugreek is a natural menstrual cramp remedy

Did you know that eating soaked fenugreek seeds can help ease the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)? They can also help with cramps and mood swings. These seeds also contain diosgenin and isoflavones, which have similar properties like estrogen and can help reduce symptoms like discomfort during menstruation.

6. This plant can help prevent iron deficiency

Fenugreek is also known help in boosting iron levels in the body, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Numerous studies s have shown that including fenugreek seeds in your daily diet will provide iron to your body.

7. Fenugreek is good for stabilizing blood sugar levels

Because these seeds contain galactomannan, they can help control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. They are also rich in natural soluble fibers which can improve blood glucose control.

8. Fenugreek helps to reduce cholesterol levels

Other studies have shown that fenugreek can help lower your cholesterol levels, especially ‘bad ‘or (LDL) cholesterol. They are also rich in steroidal saponins that can help prevent the absorption of triglycerides and cholesterol, thus lowering your risk of cardiovascular diseases. The galactomannan has heart- healthy properties and it has ben shown to prevent all heart-related problems.

8 Health Benefits Of Fenugreek