8 Reasons Why You Should Consume More Lemons

Lemons are high in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C, an antioxidant that boosts our immune system, helps in preventing cardiovascular disease and even has cancer-fighting benefits.

Incorporating lemons into your diet is an easy way to meet the daily recommended needs for vitamin C and keep your body functioning smoothly. There are also numerous reasons why should you consume more lemons. We have listed 8 of them below.

1. Replenish your vitamins

As powerhouses of many nutrients, you can consume lemons to replenish your body and fill up any deficiencies. For example, lemon peels contain vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, copper, potassium fiber, and magnesium. With a list like that, you should start adding lemon to your regular diet. With dried lemon peel zest, it’s so easy. You can add a little flavor to meats, sauces salad, and more. You can also add the dried peels to teas or desserts.

2. A natural flush

The liver is extremely active when we sleep since sleep is the body’s time to restore and regenerate. Eating enough lemons helps make sure that our body can perform these jobs most effectively. There is even some evidence that lemon can help in stimulating proper stomach acid production and bile production.

3. Healthy weight

There is evidence that eating lemons, especially the lemon water first thing in the morning, can help in maintaining a healthy weight. Many studies have shown that drinking enough water increased metabolism. Of course, drinking lemon water (or just consuming lemons) by itself isn’t a miracle weight loss solution, but with other healthy foods, it can help maintain a healthy weight.

4. Fight cancer and disease

Lemon peels contain anti-cancer compounds that help both to prevent the disease and fight it off. Some of these compounds are known for preventing cancer cells from dividing and spreading. Bedside cancer, other diseases that lemons peels can help prevent are heart disease, arthritis, and obesity.

5. Immune system boost

Lemons have Vitamin C… not a spectacularly high amount, but about 50 mg per lemon. They also contain potassium. Eating enough lemons gives our body a chance to absorb these vitamins effectively and can provide a little immune boost. Vitamin C can potentially help in reducing the effects of stress and it is good for your adrenal health.

6. Build stronger bones

Bone health is more dangerous than most people think. Breaking our bones is only one of many risks we face. For example, bones are worn out by age, by overuse, by joint problems such as arthritis, and other. To keep our bones healthy, we need plenty of and calcium and vitamin C. These nutrients, found in lemon peels, help in preventing bone issues, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fractures, and osteoporosis.

7. Soothing sores

Consuming lemon peel zest regulatory provides your body with what it needs for healthy skin by nourishing the membranes and by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. These properties also help for soothing sores. If you want to soothe a sore throat or swelling around the joints, eating lemon peel zest can help.

8. Refresh your breath

Known as one of the best alkaline foods, lemons are good for balancing your pH levels and help in reducing apparently bad breath. The antibacterial properties of lemon peels in particular help in reducing levels of the bad bacteria in your mouth. Besides helping reduce stinky breath, it can improve your oral health.